Complete International Law

Text, Cases and Materials

Second Edition

Ademola Abass

Complete International Law

Text, Cases and Materials

Second Edition

Ademola Abass






4 Sep 2014


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Complete International Law combines a wide range of case extracts with incisive author commentary to clearly demonstrate legal principles and the significance of case law.

This innovative text encourages an active approach to learning with key point summaries, thinking points and self-test questions throughout; which aim to stimulate reflection about the importance of international law in today's world.

New to this edition

  • Two new chapters on immunity and international humanitarian law
  • Expanded chapters on the law of treaties and international economic law
  • Complete reworking of the chapter on collective security law
  • Coverage of post-Kyoto regulation in the international environmental law chapter
  • Analysis of the procedural concerns raised by the first case to be decided by the ICC, Thomas Lubanga, and an assessment of its impact on the development of war crimes elements: actus reus and mens rea.


1: International law in the modern context
2: Sources of international law
3: The law of treaties
4: Statehood and recognition in international law
5: International organizations
6: Territory and the law of the sea
7: Jurisdiction
8: Immunity
9: International law and municipal law
10: The use of force
11: Collective security
12: International humanitarian law
13: State responsibility
14: The settlement of international disputes
15: The International Court of Justice
16: International criminal law
17: International environmental law
18: International economic law
19: International human rights law


Ademola Abass, Head of Program Regional Peace and Security, UNU-CRIS Belgium and Visiting Professor of International Law, University of Leuven, Belgium

Student Resources

The following resources are available for students using Complete International Law at the Online Resource Centre:

  • Appendices
  • Guidance on answering discussion questions
  • Flashcard glossary of key terms
  • Annotated weblinks

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Complete International Law for their course:

  • A testbank of multiple choice questions

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