Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin Dictionary

Second Edition

Craig Alan Volker

Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin Dictionary

Second Edition

Craig Alan Volker






10 Jul 2023




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The perfect dictionary for learners of English and Tok Pisin. This concise bilingual reference is the only one of its kind in the world, fully revised and updated to provide a comprehensive language tool. With double the size of the previous edition, it's an invaluable resource for speakers of Tok Pisin who want to improve their English, and speakers of English who want to learn Tok Pisin.

Tok Pisin is the official name for the largest lingua franca of Papua New Guinea, a country with more than 800 spoken languages. In a population of more than 5 million, over half are conversant with Tok Pisin. The language has been developed naturally over the last 150 years by the people themselves, as the means of communicating among different language groups.


Foreword and acknowledgements
How to use this dictionary
Introduction to Tok Pisin
Using the Tok Pisin-English dictionary
How to pronounce and spell Tok Pisin
Different types of Tok Pisin words
How to use Tok Pisin parts of speech labels
Using the English-Tok Pisin dictionary
American and Commonwealth spelling and vocabulary
PNG English and international English
English irregular verbs and irregular plural forms
How to use English parts of speech labels
A-Z Tok Pisin-English
A-Z English-Tok Pisin


General Editor Craig Alan Volker , Adjunct Professor, The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Australia

Adjunct Professor, James Cook University (currently conducting research emphasising language documentation and sociolinguistics in PNG and liaising with New Ireland communities). Specialist fields of expertise: BLPapua New Guinea language documentation BLTok Pisin and pidgin-creole studies BLNew Ireland (Papua New Guinea) studies BLSecond language teaching (Tok Pisin, English, German)