Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?

Astrid Lindgren, Ingrid Nyman

Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?

Astrid Lindgren, Ingrid Nyman






21 May 2015




Pippi Longstocking

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When Pippi Longstocking moves in next door to Tommy and Annika they are completely amazed by their new playmate. Pippi is cheeky, courageous and completely unpredictable. She lives alone with a monkey, a horse, and no rules whatsoever! Everything is fun with Pippi around! In this story she performs at the circus, uses her super strength to stop two robbers, and throws an unusual birthday party.

This charming heritage edition is the perfect introduction to Pippi. The story is published in its original picture book form, with classic illustrations that bring Pippi and all the mayhem she causes to life.

A picture book introduction to Pippi, with classic colour illustrations. Suitable for 3+


Author Astrid Lindgren

Illustrator Ingrid Nyman

Astrid Lindgren was born in 1907, and grew up on a farm in the south of Sweden. Her first book was published in 1944, followed a year later by Pippi Longstocking. She published more than one hundred books in her lifetime and is still the most popular children's author in Sweden. Her books have been translated into more than ninety languages, and she received numerous honours and awards including the Hans Christian Andersen Award. She died in 2002. Danish illustrator Ingrid Nyman has illustrated a number of Astrid Lindgren titles and is the original illustrator of Pippi Longstocking.


`'Pippi is in the great tradition of children's protagonists who subvert the adult world, whether by questioning it, like Alice, or simply throwing it into chaos, like Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat.'' Sean French, The Guardian

`'Generations of children have grown up loving these wonderful stories about the invincible girl with the unforgettable name.'' Manchester Evening News

`'Pippi is a feisty character with a touch of the superhero about her and is as appealing to me now as she was when I was a kid.'' Amazon reviewer

`'Funny, charismatic Pippi is the person every small child wants to be . . . Magical Stuff.'' Frances Perkins, Dorset Society

`'For me, Pippi Longstocking has to be one of the most endearing children's book characters'' Jayne Howarth, Daily Post