Oxford Grammar Teacher Handbook 3-6

Second Edition

Michelle Grabham

Oxford Grammar Teacher Handbook 3-6

Second Edition

Michelle Grabham






3 Sep 2020


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Oxford Grammar explores key grammatical concepts in line with the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: English, and helps students connect grammar features to a writing purpose.  

In the Student Books, best-selling textbook author Andrew Woods uses appealing stimulus pages and authentic literary texts to model grammar in context at the word, sentence and text level, with related writing activities for practice. Oxford Grammar will provide students with the tools they need to be effective when expressing their own ideas.  

The Oxford Grammar Teacher Handbooks offer lesson plans and activities to support the Student Books, including a front-of-class program for the Foundation curriculum. Offering a structured sequence through the learning material, the Teacher Handbooks provide opportunities for differentiation, reflection and the purposeful application of learning.

The Teacher Handbooks come with access to additional resources on Oxford Owl, including:

  • mapping to the NSW, Victorian and Australian Curriculum: English curricula
  • a series of short professional development videos to support the teaching of grammar
  • answers to the Student Book activities and ‘Test yourself’ sections
  • Success Criteria Checklists to track student progress and identify areas of need.

For booklisting schools, Teacher access to digital editions of the student books is available. Please contact your local Education Consultant for more information.