Read Write Inc Fresh Start Anthologies Volume 1 Pack of 5

Ruth Miskin, Gill Munton, Janey Pursglove, Adrian Bradbury

Read Write Inc Fresh Start Anthologies Volume 1 Pack of 5

Ruth Miskin, Gill Munton, Janey Pursglove, Adrian Bradbury






1 Jul 2017




Read Write Inc

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This new edition of Read Write Inc. Fresh Start rescues pupils aged 9 and above who are below age-related expectations, using a phonics-based approach.
Read Write Inc. Fresh Start gives older pupils who have not yet cracked the 'code of reading' the chance to catch up and become confident, fluent readers and writers - enabling them to access the secondary curriculum.
Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Anthologies are motivating, full-colour, magazine-style texts to provide further practice of the sounds and graphemes taught in the Fresh Start Modules. They contain a variety of lively non-fiction, poetry and fiction texts, including quizzes, playscripts and comic strips, to motivate the students to read for pleasure.
The Anthology texts should be read in order after each Module is completed, to ensure students are reading within their phonic knowledge and so experience success in reading. The subjects of the Anthology texts are linked to the Module texts so that some of the vocabulary students meet will be familiar and so support independent reading.
The Anthologies are fully integrated within the Fresh Start programme and support teachers with effective lesson planning and organisation.


Series Editor Ruth Miskin

Author Gill Munton

Author Janey Pursglove

Author Adrian Bradbury

Ruth Miskin is one of the UKs leading authorities on teaching children to read. She has many years experience as a head teacher, teacher trainer and consultant in phonics and literacy, working with primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. Ruth has been an adviser to the government on many aspects of literacy teaching since 1997. Her work has been featured both by Newsnight on BBC2 and Dispatches on Channel 4. Ruth was awarded an OBE for Services to Education in 2011. Gill Munton is an experienced author and editor of early reading material, fiction and non-fiction, and has contributed to many leading reading schemes. Specialising in writing lively, fluent texts with a clear phonic structure, she has written extensively for Read Write Inc.


`I like everything about the new program, the children enjoy and feel confident with the structure of the current program and would move effortlessly to the new structure recognising that there are a few changes but the basis of the program remains the same. I like the fact that the program links more with the current curriculum.' Aston and Cote Church of England Primary School, Oxfordshire

`The teaching notes are more prescriptive, clear and concise and they make the planning of lessons much easier.' Romilly Primary School, Barry

`These activities are perfect. They provide excellent SAT-type practice questions for grammar and cover what was in Edit 2 in a much better way. The content for the writing and the range of genre are equally perfect.' Ince Church of England Primary School, Wigan

`The level of success in reading, spelling and comprehension the children have achieved has been truly amazing.' Aston and Cote Church of England Primary School, Oxfordshire