Ahmad? Journey

Kerrie Shanahan

Ahmad? Journey

Kerrie Shanahan






1 Jan 2019




Flying Start to Literacy

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About this text:

Title:Ahmad’s Journey
Synopsis:  When Rani begins feeding a hungry orangutan in the rainforest, Ahmad is worried. It’s not safe in the rainforest! When Rani doesn’t return, Ahmad must overcome his fear of the rainforest to save her.
Year level(s): 3  4  5  6
Reading level: T
Text type: Narrative
Curriculum link: Science : Science and human endeavour. English: Literature
Content vocabulary:
scurried queried startled challenged wished thrashing panicked frantically ultimately cautiously calmly bravely desperately protectively excitedly instinctively stomach did a flip shiver down his spine on full alert felt light and fluttery
High frequency words:
Key concepts: Characters are influenced by both positive and negative factors. A character’s actions and dialogue help the reader to understand the character’s feelings.
Reading strategies: Identifying words that describe emotion in dialogue
Paired text: Animals in Danger: Orangutans
Supporting material: Lesson Plan - Animals in Danger: Orangutans / Ahmad's Journey
Series: Flying Start to Literacy
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Series information:

Flying Start to Literacy is an award-winning comprehensive literacy program. It reflects best practice in literacy instruction and supports the systematic development of students’ reading strategies and skills.

Each Student Book is part of connected pair, a narrative book and an informative book, both presenting the same key concepts and vocabulary. These titles have been trialled with a range of readers, including English language learners.

Each pair of Student Books is supported by a Lesson Plan. These visually appealing resources are durable and easy-to-use.  They integrate oral language, vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension, writing and phonics.

Reading strategies, phonics and phonemic awareness and repetition of high-frequency words are all developed through this series, enhancing the reader’s fluency and comprehension. With an array of engaging titles to choose from, readers will laugh, explore and share in the adventure whilst learning and expanding their vocabulary.

Flying Start to Literacy resources are suitable for use as part of an early intervention program and provide effective support for English language learners.

This series is supported by a wealth of teacher resources, which can be obtained by visiting www.flyingstarttoliteracy.com.au

Teacher Resources

Flying Start to Literacy is supported by an array of free teacher resources, including:

  • scope and sequence documents
  • phonics and phonemic overviews for each reading stage
  • reading and writing across the curriculum overviews of text types, text features, curriculum links, key concepts, and content vocabulary for the books at each of the reading stages
  • records of reading behaviour are provided for books at each stage
  • ongoing assessment checklist forms
  • getting started tips and guidance
  • title-level correlations to the Australian Curriculum
  • information about the research that underpins the series
  • percentage of decodable words tables for Levels 1—10.

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