Open Ended Maths Activities Revised Edition

Peter Sullivan, Pat Lilburn

Open Ended Maths Activities Revised Edition

Peter Sullivan, Pat Lilburn






14 Jul 2017




Oxford Teacher Reference

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Open-Ended Maths Activities discusses the features of ‘good’ mathematical questions. It provides practical advice on how teachers can create their own open-ended and problem-solving questions, and use them effectively in the classroom.

Open-Ended Maths Activities:

  • includes over 80 pages of ‘good’ questions for teachers to use in the classroom
  • organises questions into content areas (Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability)
  • indicates the suggested age level of students for each question
  • is written by a well-established expert in the field of teaching and learning mathematics, and an experienced author with a primary teaching background.

Open-Ended Maths Activities is an Oxford Teacher Reference title.

The Oxford Teacher Reference series supports educators with high-quality professional resources to help deliver the best educational outcomes in primary and secondary mathematics. Led by research and written by experts in the field, this suite of stand-alone teacher reference titles offers comprehensive support across all areas of mathematics.

Oxford Teacher Reference titles are fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and are supported by complimentary digital resources available online through Oxford Owl.


Author Peter Sullivan

Author Pat Lilburn

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