Progress with Oxford Addition and Subtraction Age 5-6

Giles Clare

Progress with Oxford Addition and Subtraction Age 5-6

Giles Clare






16 Aug 2018




Progress with Oxford

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This Progress with Oxford: Addition and Subtraction Age 5-6 workbook will help your child to progress with these core maths skills while having fun so they will quickly learn solve calculations involving addition and subtraction with one and two-digit numbers up to 20.

The Progress with Oxford series has been created to help every child develop essential skills at home, with minimal help and support. Picture clues are used to show very young children how to complete activities, whilst reminder boxes, tips and advice support older children to become self-sufficient learners. A lively character accompanies your child through all the colourful and engaging activities, and fun stickers are included to reward their work. A handy progress chart at the end of each book captures their achievements, so you both know what to do next.

You can find even more practical advice, free eBooks and fun activities to help your child progress on our award-winning website, Let's get them flying!


Author Giles Clare

Giles Clare is a freelance author and practicing teacher with nearly 20 years' experience in the primary classroom. He has written for teachers and children for Pearson, Scholastic and Nelson Thornes.


`I discovered these workbooks during the lockdown after trying a few different companies. Other books tend to be say age 5-7, so the breadth of content ability was quite wide and was putting my daughter off as there were lots of things that are actually from the Year above or were too complicated. These are brilliant as they are more narrow and more suited to the ability of the child (in whatever age they are as obviously every child differs!)- but perfectly suited to those working at middle of the road Year 1 content. Great stickers to add some reward and also stickers within the workbook answers themselves which make it a little different, not just writing work. I've been really impressed with them and they've really helped! Thanks to the creators!' Amazon customer