Progress with Oxford: Time and Money Age 6-7

Debbie Streatfield

Progress with Oxford: Time and Money Age 6-7

Debbie Streatfield






21 Mar 2019




Progress with Oxford

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This Progress with Oxford Time and Money Age 6-7 workbook will help your child to progress with time and money while having fun .

Each Progress with Oxford book is focused on the skills your child will need to master at each stage of the school curriculum. The books are precisely matched to your child's age to make sure they are aligned with school expectations for their year, helping children to fully achieve their potential.

The series has been created to help every child develop essential skills at home, with minimal help and support. Picture clues are used to show very young children how to complete activities, whilst reminder boxes, tips and advice support older children to become self-sufficient learners. A lively character accompanies your child through all the colourful and engaging activities, and fun stickers are included to reward their work. A handy progress chart at the end of each book captures their achievements, so you both know what to do next.
Find further support on the Oxford Owl at Home website, which provides specific advice on helping your child learn about time and money, and fun activities to extend their skills.


Author Debbie Streatfield

Debbie Streatfield worked as part of the West Sussex Local Authority mathematics team for 18 years, and now supports a range of schools nationally to develop their mathematics. She gained a Masters degree in Early Mathematics Intervention through her work as an Every Child Counts Lead Mathematics Trainer. Debbie continues to lead these intervention programmes through the ePD Trust. She also works independently for the Sussex Maths Hub and as a Lead Numicon Consultant for Oxford University Press.


`The Progress with Oxford series offer a 'constant companion' in each book which  are little characters who help along the way, making it fun and enjoyable for the little ones.'

`The two activity books sent in our package I loved, and more importantly so do my Bitsy Bookworms! Created with busy families in mind, from a parents point of view they are fabulous! They fully support the National Curriculum, and best of all, have picture clues to show your child how to do each activity independently genius! All of the books contain a character to keep learning fun and contain loads of fun stickers to reward effort. There's also a progress chart at the back which is a handy checker for both of you as to which objectives have been met.'