Oxford Humanities 8 obook pro (1-year subscription)

Victorian Curriculum

Second Edition

Mark Easton, Maggy Saldais, Katrina Davey, Richard Smith, Vladimir Dumovic, Bronwyn Cook, Olivia Andrew

Oxford Humanities 8 obook pro (1-year subscription)

Victorian Curriculum

Second Edition

Mark Easton, Maggy Saldais, Katrina Davey, Richard Smith, Vladimir Dumovic, Bronwyn Cook, Olivia Andrew




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22 Jan 2022




Oxford Humanities Victorian Curriculum

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Oxford Humanities 7–10 Student Books present a holistic, skills-first approach to teaching Humanities, delivering engaging content and developing students’ proficiency in key skills.

An innovative upgrade to existing obook capabilities, obook pro features market-leading interactive resources and enhanced assessment, tracking and reporting functionality, all hosted on the revamped Oxford Digital platform.

Student obook pro features include:

  • a complete digital version of the Student Book with search, note-taking, highlighting, annotating, and bookmarking functionality
  • hotspots that link to digital resources including interactives, videos, worksheets and websites
  • innovative Quizlet content including real-time online quizzes with
  • live leaderboards and fun study activities
  • videos and weblinks to engage students and supplement the key content
  • differentiation worksheets for every chapter, designed to support and extend understanding of key content from the curriculum
  • interactive layered maps
  • interactive activities to consolidate student understanding of key content
  • chapter reviews with additional questions to further consolidate understanding and practise key skills
  • interactive, auto-marking quizzes
  • history of all assessment results enabling students to track their progress
  • integrated Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary look-up feature.


Chapter 1: The geography toolkit
Chapter 2: The Earth’s landscapes and landforms
Chapter 3: Mountain landscapes
Chapter 4: Coastal landscapes
Chapter 5: Cities and urban life
Chapter 6: Migration
Chapter 7: The history toolkit
Chapter 8: Introduction to the European and Mediterranean world
Chapter 9: The Vikings
Chapter 10: Medieval Europe
Chapter 11: The Ottoman Empire
Chapter 12: Introduction to the Asia-Pacific world
Chapter 13: The Khmer Empire
Chapter 14: Mongol expansion
Chapter 15: Japan under the shoguns
Chapter 16: Polynesian expansion across the pacific
Chapter 17: Introduction to Expanding contacts:  Discovery and exploration
Chapter 18: Renaissance Italy
Chapter 19: The Spanish conquest of the Americas
Chapter 20: The economics and business toolkit
Chapter 21: The world of business
Chapter 22: The world of work
Chapter 23: Civics and citizenship toolkit
Chapter 24: Democracy in Australia
Chapter 25: Justice and the law


Mark Easton has taught Geography, History and English for more than 20 years and during the past 15 years has been a contributing author to many Geography and Humanities titles, as well as atlases. In 2010 he joined Oxford as a Geography consultant to work on a range of titles and to support the use of these resources in the classroom.

Maggy Saldais brings fifteen years’ experience in educational publishing to her role as a History author. Maggy has a strong academic background in the discipline of History and a long-held commitment to engaging middle-years students in learning and discovery in her field of expertise.

Katrina Davey is an accomplished VCE History and Geography teacher. She has a passion for developing curriculum and has lead Humanities faculties at numerous Victorian schools. Katrina has shown a strong commitment to the History Teachers' Association of Victoria (HTAV), writing VCE textbooks and examination materials, presenting regularly at conferences and mentoring History teachers. She enjoys contributing to education periodicals and in 2017 led a successful History curriculum project awarded the Victorian State Winner of the Federal Government's Anzac Day School's Award.

Katrina was part of the consultation process for the Australian Curriculum for Geography and strongly advocates the importance of all Humanities disciplines.

Richard Smith is an experienced teacher of over 35 years, currently working at Sacred Heart College in Oakleigh. In 2010 Richard was honoured with the HTAV award for Outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning of history and to the HTAV. Richard has served many roles for both the HTA and HTAV, including Treasurer and Vice President.

Vladimir Dumovic is the Head of Humanities and Economics at Dandenong High School. He completed a combined Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University and gained experience in the finance sector before beginning a career in education. Vladimir is an experienced author and a regular presenter at Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA) and subject-association conferences.

Bronwyn Cook has taught History in Victorian Government schools for the past 17 years and currently teaches at Dandenong High School. She is especially supportive of strong History programs for those who experience social disadvantage and has spoken on teaching History to diverse cohorts at several History education conferences.

Bronwyn holds a Master of Education (Studies of Asia) and is currently completing her PhD on representations of the Vietnam War in Victorian education artefacts.

Olivia Andrew graduated from Monash University in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Arts (Geography and History) and Bachelor of Education. Since then, she has taught 7-10 Humanities and VCE Geography at government schools and is currently employed at Springside West Secondary College.

Olivia is passionate about delivering high quality curriculum, with a focus on skill development and differentiation. As her current school is newly established, she has played a significant role in setting up a spiral curriculum for students to develop the knowledge and skills required for their senior studies. Recently, Olivia has shared her experience and expertise based on this framework in her presentation at the annual GTAV Conference.