Get your students talking with English File.

English File’s unique, lively and enjoyable lessons are renowned for getting students talking. In fact, 90% of teachers worldwide who took part in an Oxford Impact study believe that English File improves students’ speaking skills*.

This general adult English course includes clearly presented language input in every File, interesting texts and topics that motivate students, and activities and exercises that practise language in a context that is relevant to a busy adult’s life.

Oxford Impact

*The English File Oxford Impact study was conducted in January and February 2018. Oxford Impact is how Oxford University Press evaluates its educational products and services so that teachers and learners can be sure that our resources make a positive difference.

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English File co-author, Christina Latham-Koenig, explains why she is looking forward to the fourth edition of a course that is loved so much by teachers worldwide.

Video duration: 55s

Look inside English File Fourth Edition

Use the display below to explore English File. Click on a title to see inside and use the green arrows to navigate each book. You can also use the zoom-in / zoom-out tool to look up close.

  • Motivate students with new and updated texts, topics and tasks
  • Make class time more dynamic with Video Listening activities
  • Students can practice and develop language with Online Practice - including Sound Bank Videos and Interactive Videos linked to Practical English
  • Show course content on screen with the Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Manage all your teaching materials with the Teacher's Resource Centre.

  • Student’s Book with Online Practice
  • Teacher’s Guide with Teacher’s Resource Centre
  • Workbook with key
  • Workbook without key
  • Student’s Book/Workbook Multi-Pack A
  • Student’s Book/Workbook Multi-Pack B
  • Student’s Book eBook
  • Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Class DVD.

All your English File resources are available to manage online or download in one place.

  • All the Student Books audio/video files and scripts
  • Detailed lesson plans from the Teacher's Guide
  • Answer Keys
  • All the photocopiable activities from the Teacher's Guide, including customisable versions
  • All the Workbook audio files and scripts
  • Tests and assessment material, including: an Entry Test; Progress Tests; an End-of-course Test; a Quick Test for every File; and complete test for every File. There are A and B versions of all the main tests and audio files for all the Listening tests
  • CEFR documents.

  • Jaimie Scanlon
  • Margaret Brooks
  • Miles Craven
  • Kristin Sherman
  • Rob Freire
  • Tamara Jones

  • Susan Earle-Carlin
  • Sarah Lynn
  • Jenny Bixby
  • Joe McVeigh
  • Margot Gramer
  • Colin Ward

  • Debra Daise
  • Charl Norloff
  • Nigel Caplan
  • Scott Roy Douglas
  • Ann Snow
  • Larry Zwier

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