Your success. Now and in the future.

Life Vision helps students gain the language and skills they need to work out where they want to go next

Life Vision is built on a carefully-levelled and consistent grammar and vocabulary syllabus aligned to the CEFR. Packed with rich video features, Life Vision is ideally suited to today's teenagers, offering relevant content with a modern approach. Interactive explorations with Vision 360° and new video content give students the skills they need to decide 'where next?'

All your digital course materials and resources are accessed via the Oxford English Hub – a launchpad for learning: Oxford English Hub

  • Rich video features including vlogs, documentaries and grammar animations are ideally suited to meeting today's digital natives on their level
  • Vision 360° lessons transport students to real-world environments to develop digital literacy skills and learning autonomy through research and collaborative project work
  • Syllabus based on the Oxford English Learning Framework, a set of tools aligned to the CEFR
  • Vocabulary Boosters, Grammar Booster, and Grammar Reference sections enable students to practise the language and communication skills they need to communicate in an English-speaking environment today.

  • Your Life: Empower students to become responsible and successful global citizens.
    - Global skills lessons in every unit equip students with invaluable strategies to become successful global citizens. Topics such as successful teamwork, solving problems, cultural awareness, staying healthy and online safety provide opportunities for students to learn critical skills for lifelong learning and success.
    - Mediation activities are designed to help students develop a range of key language skills to clearly convey information to others, such as interpreting and summarising.
    - Think and Share activities encourage students to think analytically, justify their answers, and challenge other opinions.
  • Your Motivation: Expand teenagers' horizons by bringing the outside world in to your classroom.
    - Explore the world with 360° Interactive images. Transport students to a real-world environment to develop digital literacy skills and put English into practice beyond the classroom.
    - Three or four videos per unit (vlogs, documentaries and grammar animations) instantly engage students with the unit topic and language and reflect the way today's teenagers share experiences, thoughts and information.
    - Topics are 'googlable', introducing learners to real issues that they want to find out more about.
    - The vocabulary syllabus is based on the Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™. This enables learners to focus on the most useful words to know at each CEFR level and acquire strategies for using them.
    - Online Practice motivates students to develop the language and skills they have learnt in each unit of the Student Book, and practise at home with interactive activities. Students can also download or stream all course audio and video, wherever they are.
  • Your Success: Prepare students for lifelong success and fulfilment in today's dynamic, fast-evolving world.
    - Helps students become better speakers, listeners, readers and writers with a carefully-levelled and consistent grammar and vocabulary syllabus aligned to the CEFR, preparing them for success now and in the future. A clear mixed-ability focus ensures that each student has an appropriate level of support and challenge.
    - Exam preparation builds on the success of Solutions with exam-style exercises throughout the course , focused exam skills lessons, and tests to give students the skills and strategies to tackle not only the next exam, but future exams, with confidence.
    -Assessment for Learning: Help learners to continually understand, track progress and improve their skills with a set of tests, tools and guidance at each stage of the learning journey.

  • Starter (A1)
  • Level 1 (A1/A2)
  • Level 2 (A2/B1)
  • Level 3 (B1)
  • Level 4 (B1/B2)
  • Level 5 (B2)
  • Level 6 (C1)

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