Q: Skills for Success
Second Edition
Think Critically. Succeed Academically.

Q: Skills for Success, second edition, is a six-level paired skills series that helps students to think critically and succeed academically.

This appealing English for Academic Purposes course equips students for further learning, with a focus on critical thinking and note-taking skills, supported by engaging video resources. Now with enhanced skills support and an extended writing syllabus, this course prepares students for academic success, from a Beginner (A1) level upwards.

  • Question-centred approach encourages students to think critically
  • Progress bar and clearly stated unit objectives motivate students to achieve their language learning goals
  • Video in every unit provides an engaging springboard for students to think critically
  • Note-taking skills and an extended writing syllabus develop essential skills for academic success
  • Enhanced listening and reading comprehension activities provide greater scaffolding and help prepare students to use higher level study skills
  • Research-based vocabulary program ensures that students learn the most relevant words for academic and professional life
  • iQ Online, an online resource, is integrated with the Student Book content to extend learning in and out of the classroom
  • Achievement badges keep students focused and motivated working online
  • Auto-graded tests provide instant feedback and save teachers time
  • iTools Online increases student engagement and reduces class prep time
  • eBook versions of the Student Book are available, with interactive features designed for language learning.

  • Intro (A1)
  • Level 1 (A1)
  • Level 2 (A2)
  • Level 3 (B1)
  • Level 4 (B2)
  • Level 5 (C1)

  • Student Books (Reading and Writing)
  • Student Books (Listening and Speaking)
  • Student eBooks (Reading and Writing)
  • Student eBooks (Listening and Speaking)
  • Split Student Books A and B (Reading and Writing)
  • Split Student Books A and B (Listening and Speaking)
  • Student iQ Online Access Card
  • Teacher iQ Online Access Card
  • iTools Online Access Card
  • iTools USB

  • Jaimie Scanlon
  • Margaret Brooks
  • Miles Craven
  • Kristin Sherman
  • Rob Freire
  • Tamara Jones
  • Susan Earle-Carlin
  • Sarah Lynn
  • Jenny Bixby
  • Joe McVeigh
  • Margot Gramer
  • Colin Ward
  • Debra Daise
  • Charl Norloff
  • Nigel Caplan
  • Scott Roy Douglas
  • Ann Snow
  • Larry Zwier