Custom Publishing

Custom publications are created specifically for your course. All you need to do is select the best bits from our wide range of content and we will help you combine then into a textbook that perfectly matches your course.


Choice: select content from a wide variety of Oxford textbooks, arrange it in an order that matches your course structure and produce it in a format that best suits the needs of your students.

Customisation: build a text that perfectly matches your course structure and have no limit to the number of textbooks to select content from.

Cost effective: ensure your students are not paying for content they won’t use, or needing to buy multiple, expensive textbooks. Oxford custom publications give your students access to all the material they need for your course in one book.

Quality: our custom publications follow the same production and editorial process as a regular Oxford textbook and are professionally collated to ensure your custom publication is of the highest quality. Please note, custom publications are only produced in eBook format.


Are there any restrictions on the number of copies I must order?

There is no minimum order however in order for your custom publication to succeed you will need to encourage students to purchase it. Contact your Sales Consultant to discuss your requirements.

Will anyone help me prepare my book?

Your Sales Consultant will work with you to select the books, content and topics and our publishers are on hand to assist with finding the right content.

How long will it take to create my book?

Once you have finalised the content it takes approximately 8-10 weeks to have the custom publication ready for purchase.

Where can students purchase the custom publication?

Custom publications will be available for purchase through your local campus bookshop or online at

Contact your Oxford Sales Consultant or email for more information.