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We know why you came into teaching; you wanted to improve the lives of young people. As part of one of the world’s greatest universities – we share that mission with you. It is why we help to invest back into education and research, championing a love of learning across the world.

We have been publishing in collaboration with the IB for over ten years, creating resources that fully reflect the IB approach to teaching and learning, to ensure that your students are supported and engaged throughout their academic journeys, and ready for whatever comes next.

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Use the explanations and activities in our resources to engage and support any class.


Trust our expert IB authors to provide the most accurate and up-to-date syllabus match.


Develop key interdisciplinary skills with integrated support for TOK, ATL and concept-based learning.


Consolidate essential exam skills and knowledge with our assessment-focused resources.

What do teachers say about Oxford's International Baccalaureate® resources?

“The new Extended Essay text from Oxford University Press is exactly what every IB Coordinator needs. It provides excellent assistance for both students and supervisors throughout the demanding process of this core diploma task, and it does so with almost step-by-step precision and guidance. I highly recommend it!”

- David Quinn, IB Coordinator, Edmonds-Woodway High School

Develop confidence and engagement

Developed directly with the IB, these practice-filled resources build understanding of mathematical theory and its real-world applications.

  • Secure comprehension via clear explanations, worked solutions and plenty of practice opportunities
  • Apply the IB approach with coverage of historical explorations, real world applications and TOK
  • Provide learners with extensive practice oppportunities via Oxford MyiMaths

Immerse learners in rich historical content

Packed full of assessment insight, these in-depth resources help learners thoroughly engage with course content.

  • Build a ‘big picture’, thematic understanding of History, via lively content and clearly-integrated key questions, key concepts and TOK
  • Refine and strengthen analytical skills with ATL-based tasks and ‘source skills’ activities
  • Embed assessment expectations and competencies, drawing on sample answers and examiner comments

Maximize achievement in the Extended Essay

Developed directly with the IB, this step-by-step resource offers guidance on every aspect of the Extended Essay.

  • Equip learners to fully understand and address each requirement, with a comprehensive outline of the latest assessment criteria
  • Enable effective planning, research and writing, with step-by-step guidance on every stage of the process
  • Target the transferable skills central to success, helping learners to achieve in the Extended Essay and beyond

Drive critical, independent reflection

Supporting the latest TOK syllabus, these inquiry-based resources help learners process, analyze and articulate complex ideas.

  • Navigate the current syllabus with a clear and logical learning pathway – from course aims to assessment tasks
  • Develop transferable critical thinking skills via engaging tasks, including plenty of ‘discussion activities’
  • Build a deep, holistic understanding of knowledge, drawing on a wide range of contemporary, international examples

Deliver the most accurate syllabus coverage

With detailed assessment support, these in-depth resources offer the most comprehensive match to the current syllabus.

  • Inspire all learners with a wide range of international fiction and non-fiction
  • Hone key analytical skills relating to literary criticism, commentaries and presentations through varied activities
  • Support achievement with extensive asssesment preparation, including expert guidance and model answers

Engage and challenge learners

Fully in line with the IB approach, these engaging resources develop independent thinking and international-mindedness.

  • Confidently cover all apects of the current syllabus, and provide clear guidance on assessment, including sample student answers
  • Invite reflection and discussion using a rich array of contextualized texts and accompanying activities
  • Target skills development using the Skills and Practice resource, and streamline lesson preparation with the Teacher Companion

Strengthen comprehension with the most trusted resources

Trusted by IB teachers across the world, these popular texts address all aspects of the current syllabus.

  • Thoroughly support all students via a contemporary Course Book, packed full of activities, TOK links and assessment support
  • Cement subject knowledge using the summaries, diagrams and exam-style questions contained in the Study Guide
  • Develop essential skills via the tips, examples and exercises included in the Skills and Practice resource

Cement student potential

Including support from the IB, this concept-based Course Book thoroughly prepares learners for assessment.

  • Comprehensively cover the syllabus, with explanations and activities mapped to the latest requirements, including revision checklists and practice question
  • Motivate learners via exploration of contemporary, real-life examples, and plenty of thought-provoking TOK discussion points
  • Reinforce understanding using the summaries, case studies and activities presented in the Study Guide

Integrate concept-based learning

Developed directly with the IB, this comprehensively-updated, full-color Course Book fully reflects the new syllabus, for first assessment in 2019.

  • Build a rich and holistic understanding of the subject via in-depth coverage of the most up-to-date theories and research
  • Facilitate independent inquiry and develop ATL skills through exploration of real-world scenarios
  • Support all learners with clear, accessible advice for exam preparation, plus suggestions for further reading and related media
  • Cement understanding in preparation for assessment with the Study Guide

Drive transdisciplinary understanding

Developed directly with the IB, this concept-based Course Book cements critical understanding of big picture issues.

  • Nurture outward-looking, reflective learners by relating political theory to current, international case studies, key concepts and TOK
  • Hone key skills via engaging ATL activities
  • Prepare learners for assessment, using exam-style questions and examiner hints

Fully adopt the MYP approach

Supporting the MYP curriculum framework, these resources strengthen mathematical understanding and develop conceptual awareness.

  • Enable critical exploration of mathematical content, framed within key and related concepts and global contexts
  • Promote independent thinking via factual, conceptual and debatable questions
  • Secure comprehension via clear summaries, worked solutions and extensive practice

Your essential PYP Mathematics Resource

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme (PYP) supports students in constructing and transferring meaning, and applying skills and knowledge with understanding.

Part of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) programme, it incorporates an inquiry learning approach, supporting the PYP transdisciplinary themes and skills, and covers the PYP Mathematics scope and sequence.

The series includes:

  • pre-assessments for every topic, allowing teachers to check students’ previous understandings and identify their point of need
  • active learning, hands-on activities, real world contexts, meaningful exploration and reflection, and opportunities to record and present learning in a variety of ways
  • clear guided examples and differentiated practice (whole class and small group -support, at standard and extension)
  • post-assessments for every topic, allowing teachers to review learning and measure student progress.

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme Student Book K-6

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme supports students to construct and transfer meaning, and apply skills and knowledge with understanding.

It incorporates an inquiry learning approach, supporting the PYP transdisciplinary themes and skills, and covers the PYP Mathematics scope and sequence.

Key features

  • Clear, simple and user-friendly layouts to support student engagement
  • Initial scaffolding and guided support, which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent learners
  • Student activity pages that cover the content areas of Number, Pattern and Function, Measurement, Shape and Space, and Data Handling
  • Answers and a glossary of mathematical terms

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme Practice and Mastery Book 1-6

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme supports students to construct and transfer meaning, and apply skills and knowledge with understanding.

It incorporates an inquiry learning approach, supporting the PYP transdisciplinary themes and skills, and covers the PYP Mathematics scope and sequence.

Key features

  • Practice activities that support the Independent learning activities in the Student Book
  • Challenge activities that support the Extended practice activities in the Student Book
  • Mastery page activities that offer open-ended and problem-solving activities in a real-world context

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme Teacher Book K-6

Linking assessment to instruction

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme supports students to construct and transfer meaning, and apply skills and knowledge with understanding.


Key features

  • Short pre-assessments to check students’ prior understanding and identify point of need
  • Professional support notes that offer differentiated pathways for support, at standard and extension groups
  • Hands-on teaching activities, blackline masters and activity sheets with real-world contexts
  • Tips on potential difficulties students may encounter when approaching new topics
  • Short post-assessments to review student learning and measure progress
  • Answers for assessments and activity sheets


A multi-sensory and active approach to teaching mathematics

Mathematics involves thinking about abstract concepts, something that many students have difficulty with. Numicon’s multi-sensory approach uses concrete materials and focuses on action, imagery and conversation to support students to explore relationships between numbers, look for patterns and solve problems using real-life contexts.


Key features

  • Teaching Resource Handbooks contain an Implementation Guide and step-by-step activities for the whole class, groups, pairs and individuals.
  • Explorer Progress Book gives teachers the opportunity to assess and monitor individual student progress
  • Copymasters support the activites in the Teaching Resource Handbooks and contain short, simple instructions to support parental engagement with the activities.
  • Apparatus Packs encourage students to reason mathematically through the use of concrete objects and provide all the material you need for group or one-to-one learning.

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