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Oxford Atlas+ print atlases are supported by a comprehensive suite of digital resources on Oxford Owl. Engage your students and confidently cover the HASS, Science and Technologies curricula with assistance from a wealth of digital resources and teacher support materials.

Oxford Atlas+ is the only Primary atlas series that gives digital access to students (Years 3–6).

Student Dashboard resources include:

  • mapping skills and topic interactives
  • step-by-step coding interactives
  • layered digital maps
  • videos and weblinks
  • a selection of OZBOX topic cards
  • self-correcting quizzes + much more!

Teacher Dashboards are available for Years F–6 and provide access to all features from the Student Dashboards, in addition to a suite of assessment tools and professional support materials.

Teacher Dashboard resources include:

  • professional support notes
  • suggested assessment tasks
  • downloadable activity sheets
  • the ability to assign pages to students
  • online tracking of quiz results + much more!

Inspire your students with engaging digital content

Explore the world

Interactive layered maps promote deeper exploration of geographical regions, enabling your students to explore their world and understand the distribution of habitats, natural resources and other environmental features.

Build skills for deeper understanding

Exciting mapping skills and topic interactives develop students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills while encouraging them to be creative learners.

Learn to code

Coding interactives develop students’ sequencing and computational thinking skills.
Visual step-by-step instructions make these activities easy for teachers to administer and students to follow (Years 3–6).

Your essential HASS and STEM teaching resource

Plan with confidence

Detailed professional support notes suggest activities, ideas and classroom experiments. Explicit curriculum links enable teachers to deliver comprehensive coverage of the Science and HASS curricula for Years F–6, with targeted support for the Technologies curriculum.

Assign work with ease

Share atlas pages, assign quizzes and allocate activities to students directly from the Teacher Dashboard.

Instantly track student progress

Evaluate student understanding and skill development with pre-assessment and assessment activities. Track quiz results and monitor student progress online.

Request your digital samples

Complete this form to access samples from each of the Oxford Atlas+ Teacher Dashboards. The samples will be added to your Oxford Owl account. Don't have an account? One will be created for you.