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Dive into a Hero Academy Student Book.

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78 exciting student books

The student books are fully decodable and designed to motivate all students to become reading superheroes. This exciting series is finely levelled, features engaging superhero and villain characters and includes guided reading notes for every title. Each story can be used independently, one-to-one or in guided reading sessions.

For teachers

The two Companions that accompany the series provide a perfect stimulus for writing and help prompt class discussion. The Companion activities develop a picture of the Hero Academy world, including fun facts about the characters, comic strips, poems, jokes, design activities, mazes, counting and spotting activities.

Oxford Owl

Teaching resources available on Oxford Owl include:

  • a guide to progression with Oxford Levels
  • guided reading notes for each title in the Hero Academy series
  • guidance for teachers that cover the reading process, activities to support reading (and writing), feedback on reading, engaging students and carers, phonic skills and knowledge progress check
  • activity sheets and BLMs for use in class
  • templates for Hero Academy name badges, superhero masks, superhero puppets, and bookmarks.

Feature pages

Meet the heroes

Hero profiles feature at the start of each story so readers can identify which characters will appear in the story and the special power they use against the villains.

Meet the villains

Villain profiles provide background information on the series villains including their appearance, catchphrase, hobby, likes, dislikes and a warning about their villainous powers.

Retell the story

Retell pages help students develop comprehension skills such as determining importance, visualising, and monitoring comprehension.

Trusted Pedagogy

Oxford Levels

Oxford-levelled books have helped millions of students all over the world learn to read and to love

At Oxford, we use an expertly developed and well-established system for levelling our books, which has been used to develop many of our popular and well-loved series including Hero Academy.

We’ve finely graded our books so you can accurately match children to the right book. With the help of expert authors our levelled books hook children of different ages into reading, capture their imaginations, and make them think.

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Letters and Sounds phonics sequence

Hero Academy is fully decodable with a fine phonic progression in line with the Letters and Sounds phonics sequence. This supportive phonics framework ensures the series is accessible to all students.

The free teaching resources on Oxford Owl include phonics charts listing grapheme—phoneme correspondences, high-frequency decodable words and common high-frequency exception words for each book. Support for assessment of the focus grapheme–phoneme correspondences is also provided.

This series is underpinned by Oxford Levels

Supporting reading progress in all students

Strong reading skills are key to students’ overall success at school and beyond. Oxford Levels support all students to progress at every stage of their reading journey.

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