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Teach the new Study Design for VCE Legal Studies with Oxford’s market-leading series

Legal Studies for VCE is a complete print and digital learning package designed to meet the requirements of the 2024–2028 Study Design for Legal Studies.

Developed by expert authors and a multi-award winning publishing team, Victoria’s most widely used Legal Studies series has been updated with high-interest case studies and accessible language designed to engage students of all abilities.

Experience the power of cutting-edge digital support with interactive assessments to track student progress and bite-sized videos that outline key knowledge points.

Legal Studies for VCE Digital Sample

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-    Assign work and monitor submissions.
-    Curriculum reports track student progress against key knowledge.
-    Answers to all questions and assessment tasks.
-    Detailed course planners and lesson plans.
-    Chapter summary PowerPoint presentations ideal for whole-class revision.

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Oxford's Guide to the Study Design for VCE Legal Studies (2024–2028)

Our expert team of authors and publishers have created a comprehensive teacher guide to the Study Design for VCE Legal Studies (2024–2028).

Download the guide for a clear, concise overview of the key changes to the structure and content, designed to save you time and help you plan and implement the new Study Design with confidence.

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'Understanding the new Study Design for VCE Legal Studies' webinar

Hear from expert teachers and presenters, Lisa Filippin, Annie Wilson and Peter Farrar as they outline the key features and changes of the new Study Design and share a range of practical strategies designed to help set your students up for success!

We've got you covered...

A pathway to success for all learners

Engage students of all abilities with accessible language and high-interest case studies that make learning enjoyable.

Cutting-edge digital support

Bring learning to life with interactive assessments that help track student progress and bite-sized videos that cover key knowledge points.

Unparalleled depth and extension opportunities

Maximise your students' exam success with targeted assessment support, through videos, worked examples, and a range of practice question types.

Meet our author team

Lisa Filippin is an experienced solicitor, assessor, examiner and former teacher. She has been involved in Legal Studies assessing, examining and curriculum development for nearly 20 years, combining her deep understanding of the legal industry with her knowledge of the Legal Studies curriculum and assessment. Lisa has previously been involved in the re-accreditation of the VCE Legal Studies course, and is a regular presenter at VCE Legal Studies conferences. She provides invaluable support to Legal Studies teachers and students through the provision of educational resources and products, including through The Legal Studies Hub.

Annie Wilson is an experienced VCE Legal Studies and Commerce teacher who has been passionately teaching and developing curriculum materials for over 35 years. She is the author of numerous Legal Studies and Civics and Citizenship textbooks and has prepared an extensive range of teaching and learning resources for various publishers and subject associations including the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA). Annie is also actively involved in providing professional development to VCE Legal Studies teachers and student revision lectures.

Peter Farrar has taught VCE Legal Studies for over 35 years. He is passionate about learning and teaching and is highly skilled at developing a range of learning materials to meet the needs of a diverse range of students. During his career, he has co-authored over 25 books and also served in numerous senior leadership roles. Peter is actively involved with the VCTA, and has been a regular contributor to Compak since 1992 as well as being an occasional presenter at Comview

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