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Maths teacher survey finds average students’ skills gap is 1-5 years, compounded by remote learning and the transition to Year 7

As the future of work becomes more STEM focussed, mathematical knowledge and skills have been defined as critical to future life chances.

However, many Australian students are failing to acquire a knowledge and skills repertoire that is at pace with their level of schooling and are falling behind in their mathematics learning. We explore this in new research by OUP.

The survey results, along with expert opinion and teaching advice from the Australian Maths Trust and education leaders, are revealed in a new paper which considers the spread of maths understanding; explores different learning needs; ‘maths anxiety’, and how to develop students’ problem-solving skills for the real world.

Download the paper to explore:

  The challenges teachers and students face in the transition from Year 6 to Year 7

  Differentiating maths teaching for different learning needs

  Developing problem-solving skills for the real world

  Mathematics anxiety

  The impact COVID-19 and remote learning has had on students’ learning

The experts consulted for this paper:

Lee Walker

Director of Publishing, Editorial & Design at Oxford University Press, Australia & New Zealand

Janine Sprakel

National Partnerships and Engagement Manager at the Australian Maths Trust (AMT).

Professor Kim Beswick

Head of the School of Education and a Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of New South Wales.

Alex Blanksby

Creator of the website Vic Maths Notes. Alex has worked with students with a wide range of abilities since 2014.

Annie Facchinetti

Teaching and Learning Leader, Literacy Leader, and former Maths Leader at Our Lady’s in Eltham.

Associate Professor Rhonda Faragher

Director of the Down Syndrome Research Program at The University of Queensland.

Patrick Mete

Mathematics teacher at Haileybury, teaching associate at Monash University, mathematics curriculum and learning expert, and mathematician.

Emeritus Professor Peter Sullivan

Emeritus Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, Monash University.

Simone Zmood

Early career researcher and teaching associate at Monash University and Deakin University.

Online Professional Development Event:

The knowledge and skills gap
in Australian secondary maths classrooms

A conversation with ...


Janine Sprakel (AMT)
Peter Sullivan (Monash University)
Kim Beswick (UNSW)
Patrick Mete (Haileybury)
Simone Zmood (Monash University)
Lee Walker (Oxford University Press)

OUP market research has revealed a knowledge and skills gap in Mathematics following students transition from primary to secondary school, which can have long-term consequences longer-term learning, but what can be done to address this issue?

Join education expert Lee Walker (OUP), who will present the headline results of the OUP market research, and Janine Sprakel (AMT), who will introduce some mathematical problem-solving strategies. This will be followed by a panel discussion on how best to tackle some of the issues raised from the research.

A virtual roundtable with maths education experts

When: Wednesday 28 July, 4:00 - 4:45 pm AEST
Where: On demand


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