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Oxford Case Base


What is the Oxford Case Base?

The OCB is an online library of business cases drawn from Oxford University Press worldwide. This resource is freely available to use in your teaching when you set an Oxford textbook as the main text for your students.

The OCB will constantly grow and be updated with the latest cases and you can search by discipline, subject, topic, author and year. Selected cases come with questions and you can make your own notations to each case and export them in PDF format as you require. You are also welcome to contribute cases and help the OCB grow into the best selection of cases available to academics around the globe.


Watch the video demonstration below to learn about the navigation and features of Oxford Case Base:


How can I access the Oxford Case Base?

This resource is only available to those who set an Oxford textbook as their main text for students. If you are setting an Oxford textbook and wish to gain access please contact your sales representative. They will provide you with more information and an activation code.

If you do not have the contact details of your current sales representative please click on the appropriate region link below and we will direct your inquiry:
Europe/Middle East
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom

If your region is not listed here please email us and we will send your request through to the OUP office in your region.