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Education Innovation Award

Congratulations to the 2013 winners of the
Oxford Education Innovation Award

First Place – $1500
Anna Lithgow
Australian Catholic University
Altura's Path to Positive Interaction

Altura’s Path to Positive Interaction is an animation challenging the structure and nature of interaction at Altura Park School, resulting in the development of a positive learning environment/culture. It explores the nature of social interaction and how it can be reflected in curriculum to afford the school with opportunities to develop those skills integral to flourishing within society, enriching the positivity of the school environments.

Second Place – $500
Jadyn Thone
Queensland University of Technology
Innovation and Best Teaching Practice

Altura Park School has found their students and teachers are not performing to full capacity. Informed by innovative behavioural research, theoretical frameworks, inclusive pedagogy and constructivist epistemology, two keen pre-service teachers band together to create the ultimate positive learning environment by addressing three key concern areas: rules and regulation, student centred learning, and fostering positive relationships.

Third Place – $250
Adriana Ferrarin
Australian Catholic University
Adriana's Education Innovation Award Movie

A short animation using text and images to illustrate how I would turn the scenario school into a positive place to learn.

Thank you to this year’s judges – Tim McDonald, Jennifer Howell and Neil Harrison. Their teaching experience has been a great asset and their knowledge invaluable in keeping this award going.
And thank you to all the students who entered.

The Oxford Education Innovation Award will be running again in the 2014 with different criteria. Please stay tuned for more details June 2014.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at highered.au@oup.com