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Congratulations to the winners of the
Oxford Education Innovation Award

If resources were no object – what would you ideal classroom look like?

This year for the Oxford Education Innovation Award we are inviting all pre-service teachers studying in Australia to use their imagination and innovation to build their ideal classroom.

This year pre-service teachers were invited to use their imagination and innovation to build their ideal classroom.
The winning entries were judged by a panel of teacher education academics from around Australia. The prizes were given to the rooms that best demonstrated:
  • An innovative approach
  • Application of best teaching practice
  • Critical moments in teaching and learning
  • Highly reflective learning outcomes
  • Effective communication skills
  • A positive learning environment

Secondary Category - $750
Michael Pye - La Trobe University
Classrooms for Collaboration
A classroom designed around providing opportunities for collaboration among students and their teachers. The focus of this concept is three fold;
1. To develop an environment which promotes productivity, by providing a healthy and comfortable place for students to work.
2. To foster collaboration by including enough space and a specialised table for students and teachers to work together.
3. To increase the effectiveness of teaching by designing a room which allows for improved visibility to the front of the room while increasing the usable space where students work.

Primary Category - $750
Troy Stretton - University of the Sunshine Coast
The Sustainable Classroom
The sustainable classroom is a multi-age learning environment designed for primary education years, with a focus on cooperative learning, sustainability and community. It was created with the Sims 3 building editor.

Early Childhood Category - $750
Claudia Lim - University of Queensland
Designing Learning Spaces
Most Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres have a very similar classroom set up, consisting of bright colours, cartoon-like pictures, plastic manufactured toys and sharp edges. I asked myself 'what if I created a Kindergarten that valued natural materials, diversity, simplistic beauty, inquiry, art, culture, children's creations, community, multisensory learning experiences, wonder, imagination, development of whole child, reflection and so much more?' I am a firm believer that the environment is the 'third teacher' and that children have incredible minds, so here is my answer to my 'what if' question.

Thank you to this year’s judges – Neil Harrison, Jennifer Howell, Robyn Henderson and Helen Adam. Their teaching experience has been a great asset and their knowledge invaluable in keeping this award going.
And thank you to all the students who entered.

The Oxford Education Innovation Award will be running again next year with different criteria. Please stay tuned for more details in July 2015.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at highered.au@oup.com