Teaching, Learning and Psychology eBook

6 month licence access

Huy P. Phan, Bing H. Ngu

Teaching, Learning and Psychology eBook

6 month licence access

Huy P. Phan, Bing H. Ngu




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20 Aug 2018




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Discover how to promote well-being in the classroom

Teaching, Learning and Psychology introduces pre-service teachers to the key concepts and theories in fostering positive learning experiences. It caters to those who plan to work with children and adolescents and explores techniques in how to promote well-being in the classroom. This book begins by developing an understanding of cognitive and non-cognitive functions before exploring the role this plays in the holistic development of a child’s sense of self and personality.

Teaching, Learning and Psychology is a comprehensive, up-to-date text that covers a wide range of contemporary psychological issues while also focusing on new research and practical directions for advancement in education.

Key Features:

  • Learning outcomes at the start of each chapter explain the objectives or goals students can expect to cover in the chapter
  • Practical case studies relating to a school experience allow students to connect theory to practice
  • Research case studies highlight the research undertaken about the topic discussed
  • Student-centred, practical activities are included throughout
  • Pause and reflect questions ask students to consider what they have learnt and how this could affect certain situations
  • Teaching ‘tools’ and classroom-based activities are included to provide suggestions for teaching
  • Chapter summary and revision questions at the end of each chapter.


1. Introduction
2. Theories of Education, Learning, Human Behaviour, and Personality
3. Understanding Development: Brain, Physical, and Cognitive
4. Moral, Social, and Emotional Development
5. The Self and Personality
6. Behavioural and Cognitive Views of Learning
7. Individual Differences
8. Motivation
9. Cognitive Load Theory and Implications
10. Pedagogical Practices for Effective Learning
11. Psychology in the School
12. Families, Communities and Social Support
13. Personal Well-being
14. Student Engagement, Identity, and Social Support
15. Teacher Well-being


Huy P. Phan - Associate Professor, Learning and Teaching, University of New England.
Bing H. Ngu - Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education, University of New England.

Lecturer Resources

Lecturer resources are available for lecturers prescribing Teaching, Learning and Psychology for their course:

  • Instructor’s resource manual
  • Test bank
  • Image bank
  • PowerPoint slides.