Food, Nutrition and Health

Second Edition

Linda Tapsell

Food, Nutrition and Health

Second Edition

Linda Tapsell






9 Apr 2019




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Food, Nutrition and Health, second edition, is an introductory text for all students of food and nutrition. This new edition includes more on nutrients and metabolism, and introduces important areas in Indigenous food security, social connections with food, and aspects of food science.

The text begins with the basic principles of nutrition and the contexts in which nutrition knowledge is applied, before considering the application of nutrition knowledge under various conditions. Each chapter includes a section on pathways to practice to help students establish how they can apply the knowledge they are learning to broader policy and work environments in the real world.

Understanding how food affects health is not just an area of learning—it is a part of life. With extended coverage of nutrition, society and the human lifecycle, students will able to use this text throughout their studies and then take into practice.


  • Five brand new chapters in applied nutrition including Nutrition for Exercise and Sport, Nutrition during Adolescence and Indigenous Australian Food Security: Working with an Intergenerational Perspective
  • Significantly revised content across all chapters including extended coverage of nutrients and the biological principles of nutrition
  • Stop and Think questions encourage students to draw upon the content covered within the chapter
  • Cases and Research at Work provide real-life examples that draw on the themes being explored in the chapter
  • Pathways to Practice provide key messages that address practice application skills that relate to different student cohorts (arts, exercise science, nutrition, nursing and public health).


1. Food and Health: Working with Nutrition
2. Dietary Guidelines: Planning a Healthy Diet
3. Consuming Food: Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism
4. Carbohydrates and Phytochemicals: Major Components of Plant Foods
5. Fats and Lipids: Major Components of Oils, Seeds and Animal Foods
6. Protein: Major Components of Animal Foods, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds
7. Energy Intake and Weight Management: Getting the Balance Right
8. Water, Alcohol and Beverages
9. Fat-Soluble Vitamins: A, D, E and K
10. Water-Soluble Vitamins: B and C
11. Major Minerals: Sodium and Potassium; Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus
12. Other Key Minerals: Iodine, Fluoride, Iron and Zinc
13. Nutrition for Exercise and Sport*
14. Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation
15. Nutrition during Infancy and Early Childhood
16. Nutrition during Adolescence*
17. Nutrition during Adulthood and the Prevention of Chronic Disease
18. Nutrition in Older Age
19. Indigenous Australian Food Security: Working with an Intergenerational Perspective*
20. Social and Behavioural Aspects of Food Consumption*
21. Nutrition, Food Security and Food Innovation
22. Food Composition and Dietary Assessment
23. Food Science, Technology and Food Safety*
24. Food, Nutrition and Health: Moving Forward

* indicates new chapters in applied nutrition


Edited by: Linda Tapsell – Senior Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Medicine, Faculty of Science Medicine and Health, University of Wollongong

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