Labour Law

An Introduction to the Law of Work

Joellen Riley Munton

Labour Law

An Introduction to the Law of Work

Joellen Riley Munton






29 Jun 2021




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An introduction to the concepts and principles that govern the world of work.

Labour Law
is an introductory, principles textbook into the world of work in Australia. It offers a concise, thematic structure to understanding the relationships under which people perform work in a contemporary society.

Written specifically to suit a one-semester subject, this book aims to develop students’ critical understanding of labour law regulation in a social and economic context. It takes the unique approach of explaining the underlying broad themes of labour and employment law. Rather than focusing on the constantly changing technical details of labour law, it provides students with a solid conceptual framework they can take into practice and apply to future labour laws as they arise.

Key Features:

  • A unique focus on the concepts and themes of labour law, rather than the technical and historical detail.
  • Abstracts at the start of each chapter aid student learning by providing a summary of the key messages.
  • Case extracts and reading recommendations support further learning and development.
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter encourage critical reflection on the adequacy of labour laws, and proposals for reform.


  1. Work and the law in the 21st century
  2. The subject of labour law: employees, contractors, and others
  3. Employment as a contractual relationship
  4. Contractual rights and responsibilities in employment
  5. Statutory safety nets
  6. Bargaining above the safety net
  7. Negotiating bargains and industrial action
  8. Safety at work
  9. Protecting workplace rights
  10. Protecting job security
  11. Dispute resolution and enforcement
  12. Future challenges for employment and labour law


Professor Joellen Riley Munton teaches in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney.

Lecturer Resources

An Instructor’s Resource Manual accompanies this text and is available for lecturers who prescribe Labour Law: An Introduction to the Law of Work for their course.

It includes:

  • PowerPoint summaries of each chapter with discussion points
  • ice breaker questions with suggested solutions
  • tutorial activities
  • sample essay questions
  • short answer questions with suggested solutions

For more information about the resources for Labour Law: An Introduction to the Law of Work, please contact your Oxford Learning Resource Consultant.