Principles of Administrative Law

Fourth Edition

Leighton McDonald, Kristen Rundle, Emily Hammond

Principles of Administrative Law

Fourth Edition

Leighton McDonald, Kristen Rundle, Emily Hammond






18 Jan 2023




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A sophisticated, clear and engaging explanation of administrative law.

Principles of Administrative Law offers a sophisticated yet clear account of what can be a dense and complex subject area. The principles, concepts and ways of thinking offered, provide pathways to a deeper understanding of the primary materials of administrative law, challenging readers to consider the role it plays in the control of public or governmental power in a contemporary setting. The book encourages critical reflection on the key questions: ‘What is administrative law?’, ‘What does it do, and how?’ and ‘Why is it needed?’.

This book is supported by Cases for Principles of Administrative Law; a volume which guides further reading and reflection and includes cases which illustrate the core concepts and principles of administrative law.

New to this edition

  • A new chapter on delegated legislation
  • A reconceptualisation and restructure of the presentation of the law of judicial review to better explain the complex interrelations of judicial review jurisdiction, the scope of judicial review, and judicial review remedies
  • An increased emphasis on how administrative law develops and responds to changes in governance
  • Extensive revision of existing chapters including:
    • the materiality condition for jurisdictional error
    • clarification of the nature of unreasonableness review
    • analysis of challenges arising from efforts to confer broad statutory powers
    • incorporation of high-profile case studies in discussions of non-judicial mechanisms such as ombuds and freedom of information.


Chapter 1: Why does administrative law matter?

Chapter 2: Navigating Australia’s multiple provisions for judicial review (NEW)

Chapter 3: The scope of judicial review

Chapter 4: Judicial review remedies and the consequences of legal error

Chapter 5: Administrative law norms (aka the grounds of review)

Chapter 6: Access to judicial review

Chapter 7: Legislative restrictions on judicial review of executive action

Chapter 8: Tribunals and merits review

Chapter 9: Beyond courts and tribunals

Chapter 10: Delegated legislation (NEW)

Chapter 11: Freedom of information

Chapter 12: Values and effects of administrative law


Leighton McDonald is a Professor of Law at the Australian National University.

Kristen Rundle is a Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne.

Emily Hammond is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Sydney.

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