Cases for Principles of Administrative Law

Fourth Edition

Leighton McDonald, Kristen Rundle, Emily Hammond

Cases for Principles of Administrative Law

Fourth Edition

Leighton McDonald, Kristen Rundle, Emily Hammond






18 Jan 2023


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A collection of cases illustrating the application of administrative law.

The collection of cases presented in this book has been curated to work in close conjunction with Principles of Administrative Law. The cases are designed to strengthen readers’ understanding of the core concepts and principles of judicial review, as well as those which apply to merits review undertaken by administrative tribunals. The case extracts are sufficiently lengthy to enable readers to appreciate how the application of general principles in administrative law is adjusted in specific contexts.

This volume also includes reading questions to prompt a critical and reflective approach to the case law, as well as suggested additional readings to supplement Principles of Administrative Law on those crucial aspects of administrative law which lie beyond judicial review and merits review.

Key features of this edition

  • Reading questions to accompany case extracts
  • Suggested further reading to support additional study and learning needs


Chapter 1: Why does administrative law matter?

Chapter 2: Navigating Australia’s multiple provisions for judicial review (NEW)

Chapter 3: The scope of judicial review

Chapter 4: Judicial review remedies and the consequences of legal error

Chapter 5: Administrative law norms (aka the grounds of review)

Chapter 6: Access to judicial review

Chapter 7: Legislative restrictions on judicial review of executive action

Chapter 8: Tribunals and merits review

Chapter 9: Beyond courts and tribunals

Chapter 10: Delegated legislation (NEW)

Chapter 11: Freedom of information

Chapter 12: Values and effects of administrative law


Leighton McDonald is a Professor of Law at the Australian National University.

Kristen Rundle is a Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne.

Emily Hammond is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Sydney.