The New Law of Torts Pack

Third Edition

Danuta Mendelson

The New Law of Torts Pack

Third Edition

Danuta Mendelson






28 Nov 2014




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This value pack contains The New Law of Torts 3rd edition and The New Law of Torts Case Book 3rd edition.

In its third edition, The New Law of Torts continues to question whether foundational principles and policies of torts law, reflect the social and moral values of modern Australian society. Living up to its name, this book has been up-dated with the latest legislative and judicial development as well as the recent major cases, reflecting the changing nature of tort law.This is an essential and accessible text as it provides a clear and succinct discussion of the interface between the statutory regime in each jurisdiction and the common law. It comprehensively covers the law as it is applicable to the whole of Australia. The book has clearly delineated parts, sections and topics for each genus of torts (trespass, action on the case, statutory wrongs, etc), and each species (battery, assault, negligence, nuisance). Headings and sub-headings provide useful breaks in the text, and selected cases are used not only as authorities, but also as illustrations of principle and judicial reasoning.

The New Law of Torts Case Book is a collection of edited cases, designed as a companion to The New Law of Torts textbook. It provides students with access to a carefully selected range of case extracts of seminal judgements that have created and shaped the modern law of torts, provides examples of judicial reasoning and illustrates approaches to doctrines that govern the interpretation and construction of statutes. Cases extracted in this volume allow the readers to form their own opinions and perspectives on themes and issues presented in the textbook.

For more information on each of these titles, including the table of contents please see their individual pages:
The New Law of Torts 3rd edition
The New Law of Torts Case Book 3rd edition


Danuta Mendelson – Professor and Associate Head of School (Research), School of Law, Deakin University 

ContributorsSharon Erbacher - Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Deakin University