Constitutional Law Guidebook

Second Edition

Bede Harris

Constitutional Law Guidebook

Second Edition

Bede Harris






15 May 2015


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The Constitutional Law Guidebook is your guide to the essentials of constitutional law. Learn how to link the key concepts from your lectures, textbooks and tutorials to get the most from your study, improve your knowledge of law and develop legal problem-solving skills.

This guidebook will help you navigate through the fundamental points of constitutional law using:
  • clear and concise explanations of what you need to know
  • guidelines for answering problem questions
  • cases to remember
  • ‘examples’ and ‘alerts’ to help you understand the interlinked nature of constitutional law
  • assessment preparation sections
  • diagrams to help explain difficult concepts
  • up-to-date cases and legislation.


Part 1: Constitutional Fundamentals
1: What is Constitutional Law?
2: Fundamental Concepts of Australian Constitutional Law
3: The Legislature
4: The Executive
5: The Judicial Branch and Separation of Powers
6: Characterisation and Interpretation
7: State and Territory Constitutional Law
8: Express and Implied Rights

Part 2: Enumerated Powers
9: Trade and Commerce
10: Corporations
11: External Affairs
12: Defence

Part 3: Financial Relations and Federalism
13: Taxation, Grants and Expenditure
14: Excise Duties
15: Freedom of Interstate Trade, Commerce and Intercourse
16: Inconsistency
17: Intergovernmental Immunities
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes


Bede Harris , Senior Lecturer, Charles Sturt University

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