A Dictionary of Biology

Eighth Edition

Robert Hine

A Dictionary of Biology

Eighth Edition

Robert Hine






2 May 2019




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This new eighth edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent progress in the fields of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry, with particular expansion to the areas of research design and plant and animal development. Over 120 new entries include de-extinctionecological footprintrewilding, and Zika virus, now totalling over 5,600 authoritative and up-to-date entries. 

Numerous appendices include classifications of the animal and plant kingdoms, SI units, Nobel prizewinners, and a new appendix on anatomical terms. With new diagrams and updated web links, this remains the market-leading dictionary for students of biology, both at sixth form college and university level.


A-Z entries
SI units
Simplified phylogenetic tree of the animal kingdom
Simplified phylogenetic tree for plants
Geological time scale
Model organisms and their genomes
Major mass extinctions of species
Nobel prizewinning contributions to biology
Anatomical terms
Useful websites


Edited by Robert Hine, freelance writer and editor

Robert Hine was educated at King's College London and the University of Aberdeen. A professional freelance writer and editor since 1984, he has worked on numerous books and journals for both the UK and American markets. Specialist areas include life sciences, health, and the environment. He is also manager of a community-based website promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability.


Editor of the 7th and 8th Editions: Robert Hine BSc, MSc

Editor of the 1st to 6th Editions: Elizabeth Martin MA (Market House Books Ltd)


B. S. Beckett BSc, BPhil, MA(Ed)
R. A. Hands BSC
Michael Lewis MA
W. D. Phillips PhD


Tim Beardsley BA
Lionel Bender BSc
Belinda Cupid MSc, PhD
John Clark BSc
H. M. Clarke MA, MSc
E. K. Daintith BSc
Malcolm Hart BSc, MIBiol
Elaine Holmes BSc, PhD
Anne Lockwood BSc
J. Valerie Neal BSc, PhD
R. A. Prince MA
Michael Ruse BSc, PhD
Brian Stratton BSc, MSc
Elizabeth Tootill BSc, MSc


Review from previous edition: 'Ideally suited to students of biology, either at secondary or university level, or as a general reference source for anyone with an interest in life sciences' - Journal of Anatomy

'Lives up to its expectations; the entries are concise but explanatory. Cross-referencing and diagrammatic illustrations are welcome, additional features' - Biologist