A Dictionary of Weather

Second Edition

Storm Dunlop

A Dictionary of Weather

Second Edition

Storm Dunlop






1 Nov 2008


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An authoritative and wide-ranging new edition of A Dictionary of Weather containing almost 2,000 entries on all areas of the subject. Provides clear definitions and illustrative examples of terminology taken from meteorology, forecasting, and climatology. Revised and fully updated, this edition includes 300 new and revised entries, such as A-Train, Pineapple Express, and Watermelon snow, and added feature entries highlighting actual occurrences of extreme weather, including the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Generously illustrated, and containing recommended websites for further reading, this reference work is thoroughly comprehensible.

Find out where and when the world's largest hailstone fell or where the highest temperature was recorded using the list of weather records, and check climate data for different weather types from around the world. Key terms from the related fields of oceanography, hydrology, and climatology are also covered as well as biographical information on important people in the development of meteorology. Arranged in A-Z format, it is a unique dictionary and an essential reference source for meteorology and geography students, whether at school or university, as well as for amateur meteorologists and the general reader.


List of Plates
The Dictionary
A. Weather Records
B. British Climate Data
C. World Climate Data
D. Conversion Tables
Further Reference


Storm Dunlop , A Fellow of both the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Meteorological Society

Storm Dunlop is an experienced writer on meteorology and astronomy. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Meteorological Society, and the photographic editor of the journal, Weather. He is also past president of the British Astronomical Association and has given many lectures and talks on all aspects of meteorology and astronomy. His previous works include Hamlyn Guide to Weather Forecasting (1982), Amateur Astronomy (1984), Atlas of the Night Sky (1984), Pocket Guide to Weather and Forecasting (1998), and Wild Guide to the Night Sky (1999).


`Review from previous edition It is the definitive reference for all things meteorological' Bill Giles

`a welcome and important contribution, especially suitable for amateur meteorologists' Weather