Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences

Third Edition

Tina Overton, Stuart Johnson, Jon Scott

Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences

Third Edition

Tina Overton, Stuart Johnson, Jon Scott






30 Apr 2019




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Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences has been carefully designed to help students transition seamlessly from school to university, make the most of their education, and ultimately use their degree to enhance their employability.

The accessible and friendly writing style helps to engage students with the subject while frequent chemical examples highlight the relevance of the skills being learned. A comprehensive range of skills are covered, from making the most of practicals, lectures and group work, through to writing and presentation skills, and effective revision for exams. An expanded chapter on employability offers invaluable advice for getting a job in today's competitive market.

Written by leading experts in science education, this text is essential reading for any undergraduate chemistry student wishing to succeed at university get the most out of their degree after graduation.


  • New chapters on 'Developing and Articulating Your Skills' and 'Career Skills' help students with concerns around employability
  • New sections on the importance of collaboration and dialogue, setting and enforcing internal deadlines, using technology in group work, and reflective writing expand on the types of skills covered
  • Extensive updates have been made to the online resources, including example CVs, templates and cover letters
  • Chapters are restructured to aid preparation for flipped lectures, with content on problem based learning, online learning forums and video capture
  • Additional support for making the school to university transition, with a more explicit discussion of collusion and working with information sources, has been included.


  • The friendly, conversational writing style makes the text ideal for beginning undergraduate students
  • A broad range of skills are covered, from writing and presentation skills, to working in groups and revising for exams
  • Frequent examples drawn from chemistry highlight the relevance of the skills being learned
  • The experienced author team is headed up by a leading expert in chemistry education.

This title is available as an eBook. Please contact your Learning Resource Consultant for more information.


1. Why Are Study & Communication Skills Important?
2. Making the Most of Lectures
3. Making the Most of Tutorials and Workshops
4. Making the Most of Group Work
5. Making the Most of Practical Work
6. Working with Different Information Sources
7. Choosing the Right Writing Style
8. Writing Assignments
9. Writing Practical and Project Reports
10. Communicating with a Non-Scientific Audience
11. Avoiding Plagiarism
12. Using Feedback
13. Preparing Scientific Presentations
14. Delivering Scientific Presentations
15. Creating Academic Posters
16. Getting the most out of Revision
17. Getting the most out of Exams
18. Developing and Articulating your Skills
19. Career Skills


Tina Overton – Professor of Chemical Education, Monash University.

Stuart Johnson – Director of Careers Service, University of Bristol.

Jon Scott – Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience, University of Leicester.

Student Resources

Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences is accompanied by the following student resources:

  • Examples of good and bad practice when using PowerPoint presentations
  • Examples of good and bad practice when producing posters.

Lecturer Resources

The following resources will be available for lecturers who prescribe Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences for their course:

  • Figures from the book in electronic format, ready to download.

For more information about the resources for Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences, please contact your Learning Resource Consultant.


"I think the book will inspire students to think about how to become attractive in the labour market. Where should one begin, and then build stone on stone until one has a solid construction." - Elin Lovise Folven Gjengedal, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

"The language of the book is very accessible. It is easy and attractive to read. There are excellent sections on writing CV, networking etc. The online resources are great." - Katerina Ridge, University of Surrey

"I really like the activities for students which can be tailored and used within my own teaching. The writing style is highly accessible and offers pragmatic advice on many topics and experiences that students face throughout their degree. Practical resource, many useful aspects that can be used and adapted to embed within our curriculum." - Suzanne Fergus, University of Hertfordshire

"A thoroughly accessible text, both for academics and students alike. Highly recommended." - Philippe Wilson, De Montfort University