Psychology for Queensland Units 1&2 obook assess

First Edition

Lorelle Burton, Roger Edwards, Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas, Karen Marangio, Vicki Moore, Fiona Ganino-Day

Psychology for Queensland Units 1&2 obook assess

First Edition

Lorelle Burton, Roger Edwards, Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas, Karen Marangio, Vicki Moore, Fiona Ganino-Day




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15 Jan 2019




Psychology for Queesland

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obook assess is a cloud-based obook that students can use anywhere, anytime on any device.

obook assess provides students with access to:

  • a complete digital version of the Student book with added note-taking and bookmarking functionality
  • free Oxford Concise Dictionary look-up feature
  • targeted instructional videos by experienced Psychology teachers and Queensland Professors designed to help students prepare for assessment tasks and exams
  • a set of summary notes for each chapter that form a springboard for student revision
  • additional case studies and opportunities for extension
  • a range of interactive, auto-correcting, multiple-choice assess quiz questions.


CHAPTER 1: Psychology toolkit

CHAPTER 2: Introduction to Psychology
CHAPTER 3: Brain investigations through time
CHAPTER 4: The nervous system
CHAPTER 5: The brain
CHAPTER 6: Developing and malfunctioning brains
CHAPTER 7: Genetic environment interactions on development
CHAPTER 8: Cognitive development
CHAPTER 9: States of consciousness
CHAPTER 10: Measuring consciousness
CHAPTER 11: Purpose and function of sleep
CHAPTER 12: Sleep deprivation
CHAPTER 13: Sleep disorders

CHAPTER 14: Introducing intelligence
CHAPTER 15: Describing intelligence
CHAPTER 16: Assessing intelligence
CHAPTER 17: Normal or abnormal
CHAPTER 18: Disorders and diagnosis
CHAPTER 19: Psychological disorders
CHAPTER 20: Anxiety disorders
CHAPTER 21: Emotion and cognition
CHAPTER 22: Wellbeing and motivation
CHAPTER 23: Practical

Note:  Contents subject to change prior to publication


Lorelle Burton
Lorelle is a Professor of Psychology in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland. She has received multiple national awards, including the 2016 Australian Psychological Society’s Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award. Lorelle has also been involved in providing feedback to the new QCAA Psychology syllabus.

Roger Edwards
Roger has been teaching Psychology at both a secondary and tertiary level for over 15 years. Roger is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and a psychologist in private practice. He is currently Supervising Psychologist at the Krongold Clinic, Monash University.

Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas
Elizabeth has taught VCE Psychology for the past 14 years in both state and independent schools. She currently teaches at St Michael’s Grammar and recently completed further postgraduate studies in psychology.

Karen Marangio
Karen has extensive experience teaching Psychology in secondary schools. Karen currently works in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, lecturing in Psychology and Science Education Methods. Her research interests include the progression of student learning in psychology and developing the pedagogy of pre-service teachers.

Vicki Moore
Vicki taught senior Humanities and Psychology for 20 years at St Catherine’s School. She has also been Psychology Methods Lecturer at Monash University and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Vicki currently works with children and adolescents in a private practice.

Fiona Ganino-Day
Fiona is passionate about teaching Psychology at a secondary level. She has taught at both state and independent schools.