New Century Physics for Queensland Units 3&4 3E Teacher obook assess

Third Edition

Richard Walding

New Century Physics for Queensland Units 3&4 3E Teacher obook assess

Third Edition

Richard Walding




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27 Jan 2020




Physics for Queensland

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This ISBN provides you with access to the obook assess digital Teacher dashboard supporting the New Century Physics for Queensland 3E Units 3 & 4 Student book + obook assess (ISBN: 9780190313647).

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obook assess provides teachers with access to:

  • detailed course planners, teaching programs and lesson plans
  • answers to all questions and assessment tasks in the Student book
  • a range of lab tech notes and risk assessment templates to accompany all supplied mandatory and suggested practicals
  • printable (and editable) data tests with answers
  • printable (and editable) practice exam with answers.

Teachers also have access to the following student resources via obook assess:

  • a complete digital version of the Student book with added note-taking and bookmarking functionality
  • free Oxford Concise Dictionary look-up feature
  • targeted instructional videos by one of Queensland’s most experienced Physics teachers designed to help students prepare for assessment tasks and exams
  • a set of summary notes for each chapter that form a springboard for student revision
  • additional case studies and opportunities for extension
  • a range of interactive, auto-correcting, multiple-choice assess quiz questions.


Chapter 0: Physics toolkit


Chapter 1: Vectors and projectile motion
Chapter 2: Inclined planes
Chapter 3: Circular motion
Chapter 4: Gravitational force and fields
Chapter 5: Orbits
Chapter 6: Electrostatics
Chapter 7: Magnetic fields
Chapter 8: Electromagnetic induction and radiation

Unit 3 Practice exam questions


Chapter 9: Special relativity: time and motion
Chapter 10: Special relativity: length, momentum and energy
Chapter 11: Quantum theory and light
Chapter 12: Quantum theory and matter
Chapter 13: The Standard Model
Chapter 14: Particle interactions

Unit 4 Practice exam questions

Chapter 15: Practical manual


Note:  Contents subject to change prior to publication


Dr Richard Walding
Richard began his career as a scientist and has extensive experience teaching both Physics and Chemistry, including two decades as Head of Science. Richard is also a research fellow at Griffith University and for the past decade has been researching the history and applications of electromagnetic induction particularly as related to harbour defence. Richard was elected Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Physics and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for his lifetime contribution to these disciplines. He was also awarded a Peter Doherty Award for work in STEM education and in 2019 received the Australian Institute of Physics (QLD Branch) Excellence in Physics Teaching award.

Sample Pages

Here are some sample pages for your reference.
Chapter 7: Magnetic fields