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  • Phonics
  • Assessment
  • Reading
  • Comprehension

Resource available

  • Assessment Guides
  • Guided Reading Notes
  • Activity Sheets
  • Student Books

Project X Series

Project X is a proven whole-school approach to teaching reading and writing, with a motivational 3D character series at its heart.

The Project X series:

  • hooks even reluctant readers into reading and provides resources for children of all abilities
  • addresses key issues across the whole school, including phonics, comprehension, developing talk, early reading intervention and writing
  • was developed with the very best educational experts
  • includes a stunning range of books, ebooks and digital resources that offer something for children of every age and ability.

Project X Phonics

Project X Phonics provides 40 engaging and fully decodable books that can be used alongside any phonics teaching program. They are ideal for consolidating students’ learning.

Project X Phonics:

  • is 100% matched to letters and sounds Phases 1–4, with step-by-step progression
  • provides group work and one-to-one reading practice
  • provides embedded activities and teaching notes
  • includes 40 ebooks for use on the interactive whiteboard or for independent student practice.

Project X Code

Project X CODE is a reading program that embeds systematic synthetic phonics within a highly motivational 3D adventure series.

Project X CODE:

  • will keep students reading as they revisit phonics knowledge and build key reading and comprehension skills
  • has a phonic progression built specially for struggling readers that revisits prior learning and strengthens phonic knowledge skills
  • is fully resourced with comprehensive lesson plans and easy-to-use assessment tools.

Project X Comprehension Express

Project X Comprehension Express is a structured and focused program designed to accelerate Students Comprehension in just 9 weeks. The program is built for children in Years 4–7 who have the decoding skills necessary to read but need more support to develop deeper comprehension.

At the heart of Project X Comprehension Express is a series of 9 Anthology style books, organised into three stages, and containing a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. Each text has been purposefully written to provide plenty of opportunity to develop children’s comprehension.

Underpinning the program are ten core comprehension strategies explicitly presented to the children in a systematic and accessible way, enabling them to build confidence and independence in reading. At the end of the series, children will be able to apply these strategies to whatever they read in order to master comprehension.

Project X Origins

Project X Origins is a ground-breaking, whole-school guided reading program with amazing shrinking characters to capture the imagination of children, especially boys.

Project X Origins:

  • has Unique thematic clusters that link fiction and non-fiction and encourage wider reading, and provide students with key words in different contexts to build confidence
  • has action-packed stories, fascinating non-fiction texts and captivating continuous character adventures that engage students from age four onwards
  • contains comprehensive guided reading notes for every book, covering phonics skills, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing.