Full support for the development of comprehension skills in your classroom.

Why is comprehension so important?

Imagine that you were lost in Turkey and the only directions you had were written in Turkish. You could probably read them out loud with reasonable accuracy, even though your phonological awareness of the language may not be perfect, but unless you can speak Turkish, your understanding would be limited. Reading the directions is therefore unlikely to be a valuable activity for you. So, while phonics and decoding are critical skills, without comprehension, the whole point of reading is lost.

Teaching comprehension while students are still mastering foundational reading skills will not only allow for students to demonstrate age-appropriate skills, but it also will help reinforce the reasons we read in the first place: to derive meaning, understanding, and enjoyment from a book or other text.

In classrooms across Australia, educators are facing a comprehension challenge. Although students are able to read independently, many have not developed the comprehension skills they need to understand the context of what they are reading. This impacts their ability to learn, and to read for enjoyment.

Oxford’s reading and comprehension resources are matched to teaching needs and integrate easily into lesson planning. Engaging texts are designed to engage students and develop their word reading and comprehension skills.