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Year Levels



  • Australian Curriculum
  • New South Wales Syllabus
  • Victorian Curriculum

Resource available

  • Student books
  • Assessment books
  • Mentals and Homework books
  • Teacher Dashboard


Maths Plus:

  • Provides spiralling content where concepts are explored, then built on throughout the year and across year levels. This helps learners make connections over time, supporting recall and fluency.                        
  • Offers varied learning experiences such as interactive concept exploration, learning, practice and consolidation activities, problem solving tasks, extra support and extension activities, and mentals and homework activities.                        
  • Assessment Books (bundled with Student Books) provide post-assessment tests that are simple to use and quick to administer, and allow teachers to track and review student learning.                        
  • Series is explicitly aligned to the new Victorian Curriculum, as well as the Australian Curriculum and New  South Wales syllabus.    

Click on the links below for more information about: 

Maths Plus Student Books
Maths Plus Assessment Books
Maths Plus Homework and Mentals Book
Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard

Student Books:    

  • Student activity pages are colour-coded to match the three Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.                        
  • Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content descriptions, proficiency strands and cross-curriculum area references included at the base of every student activity page.                        
  • Four diagnostic term reviews (Years 1–6) to assess concepts and skills.                        
  • Investigation units to allow students to apply their knowledge and show their understanding.      

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Assessment Books

  • Include short post-tests for each topic.                        
  • Supported by a suggested teaching and testing schedule available on the Teacher Dashboard.                        
  • Simple marking system enables easy conversion to percentages.      

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Mentals and Homework Books

  • Essential revision and consolidation activities that directly correspond to the concepts and units of work presented in the Student Books.    
  • All unit activities arranged under the three Australian Curriculum: Mathematics strands.    

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The Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard provides online access to a wealth of resources and support material for Foundation to Year 6. Used in conjunction with the Maths Plus Student Books, Mentals and Homework Books, and Assessment Books, it offers  teachers  access to: 

  • curricula and planning documents
  • assessment and grading guides                        
  • interactive unit introductions                        
  • potential difficulties videos                        
  • learning activities support and extension activities reflection.                        

The Teacher Dashboard is accessed via Oxford Owl.

Take a tour of the Maths Plus Dashboard by watching the video below.

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