We’re retiring Maths Plus for the Victorian Curriculum in 2019

What does this mean for you?

  • Maths Plus Victorian Curriculum resources, i.e. Student Books, Assessment Books, Mentals and Homework Books, and Teacher Dashboards will be available until 31 December, 2019.
  • From January 2020, the Maths Plus Victorian Curriculum resources will not be available for purchase and the Teacher Dashboard will not be accessible.
  • To continue using Maths Plus in your school, we recommend subscribing to the Australian Curriculum edition.

For more information, request a Maths Plus consultation below or discover Maths Plus Australian Curriculum here.

Can I use the Australian Curriculum edition of Maths Plus in Victoria?

The Australian Curriculum edition is compatible with the Victorian Curriculum.
From January 2020, subscribers to the Maths Plus Australian Curriculum Teacher Dashboard will have access to a curriculum cross-reference chart for both curricula.

How different are the Australian Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum resources?

Not very different.
The series follow the same spiral approach and comprise the same components:

  • Student Books
  • Mentals and Homework books
  • Teacher Dashboard with learning support and resources
  • Assessment Books for end-of-year reporting

Victorian curriculum content has been incorporated into the Australian Curriculum resources available for use in 2020. The content descriptions used throughout the Australian Curriculum resources will refer to the Australian Curriculum, but a Victorian Curriculum cross-reference chart will be available on the Australian Curriculum Teacher Dashboard for easy reference. All other features remain the same.

I purchased the Victorian Curriculum Teacher Dashboard after 1 May 2019. Do I get a discount?

If your purchase gives you less than 12 months’ access to the Teacher Dashboard, you will be entitled to a discount.

  • Maths Plus Pluc Victorian Curriculum Teacher Dashboard purchased after 1 May, 2019: 50% discount
  • Maths Plus Pluc Victorian Curriculum Teacher Dashboard purchased after 1 October, 2019: Free

Need more information?

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