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Read Write Inc. was developed by Ruth Miskin and provides a whole-school approach to teaching literacy. It has been designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Read Write Inc. is:

  • a comprehensive, robust, curriculum aligned literacy program                                
  • a phonics first and fast approach, with all aspects of literacy connecting                                
  • a program where every teacher is trained and confident to teach every child                                
  • implemented as a whole-school, consistent, systematic approach.    

For more information about the Read Write Inc. series, please click on the links below:

Read Write Inc. Phonics
Read Write Inc. Fresh Start
Read Write Inc. Spelling
Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language

Comprehensive training from Ruth Miskin Training is available to ensure consistent practice across the whole school. To view upcoming training sessions, please click HERE.   

Read Write Inc
. Fresh Start

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start ensures consistent high-quality phonics-based literacy intervention. Starting with rigorous but easy-to-use assessment, every child is taught at the right level for them, with fun age-appropriate activities.    

  • Children work in partner pairs, which embeds speaking and listening into every lesson.                                    
  • Integrated writing activities linked to the stories mean children build their skills as writers and readers at the same time.                                    
  • Age-appropriate resources.                                    
  • The Teacher Handbooks give strong, clear support at every stage of the program.                                    
  • Fourteen colour Anthologies containing non-fiction, poetry and fiction texts are linked to the module texts.                                    
  • Pupil Modules give clear step-by-step activities to build skills and confidence.

For more information about Read Write Inc. Fresh Start, please click HERE.

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Read Write Inc
. Spelling

This program uses a proven approach to get every child in your class spelling effortlessly. Lessons are just fifteen minutes a day, so are easy to slot in to your timetable, and a range of structured activities ensure children learn to spell with confidence. Spelling rules and concepts are introduced through animated characters through an exciting online spelling planet with a range of fun activities to teach children adventurous words and build their confidence.

Teaching Resources

  • Comprehensive Teaching Handbook provides clear, structured support for each lesson.                                    
  • Online content on Oxford Owl with an exciting spelling planet, extra support for checking answers and much more.

For more information about Read Write Inc. Spelling, please click HERE.

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Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language

Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language allows you to deliver high-quality, consistent literacy teaching to develop reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation, and speaking and listening.    

  • Children read complete fiction and non-fiction texts by leading authors.                                    
  • Develops advanced reading skills through the proven, step-by-step Read Write Inc. teaching approach.                                    
  • The clearly structured activities deliver powerful writing development for every child.

For more information about Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language, please click HERE.

It is recommended that you contact your Oxford Education Consultant prior to purchasing Literacy and Language, to ensure the best result for your school or classroom.

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