Read Write Inc - Phonics

A dynamic whole-school literacy program based around synthetic phonics

Read Write Inc. is a rigorous program for F—6 that is proven to create fluent, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers and willing writers. It incorporates effective classroom management strategies that ensure participation and fast progress for all students, and comes with comprehensive lesson plans and assessment resources.

Behind the phenomenal success of Read Write Inc. is the accredited professional development that ensures effective implementation, a shared language around phonics and consistent practice across the school. Explore training options here.

Read Write Inc. is:
  • a comprehensive, robust, curriculum-aligned literacy program
  • a ‘phonics first and fast’ approach, with all aspects of literacy connecting
  • a program where every teacher is trained and confident to teach every child
  • best implemented as a whole-school, consistent, systematic approach
  • proven in both the UK and Australia as a program that delivers results.

Read Write Inc. Training

Accredited Ruth Miskin Training for Read Write Inc. is available to support your staff with the full implementation of the program. The training is matched to the needs and requirements of your school and is delivered by an outstanding trainer who will show you how to teach effectively and confidently using Read Write Inc. Phonics.

You'll find all upcoming central training sessions here.

Read Write Inc.
Case Study

Read more about how Dundee Beach School, Northern Territory,
implemented Read Write Inc.

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Primary Catalogue 2018-2019

What does Read Write Inc. look like in the classroom?

Students are assessed and grouped according to their phonic knowledge. Each student is then taught at the level of their phonic knowledge to ensure quick progress.

The 44 sounds and corresponding letters are introduced and taught systematically.

Students learn to blend sounds to read words. Then they use short ‘ditties’ to practise early reading and writing, before being taught more letter–sound correspondences.

Students read a series of levelled, decodable fiction and non-fiction texts and complete integrated writing activities, including spelling and handwriting practice.

Ongoing assessment means that any struggling students are identified the moment they fall behind and, if necessary, given intensive one-to-one tutoring to catch up quickly. Groups are adjusted regularly so all students make the best progress.

What's inside Read Write Inc. Phonics ?

Create lifelong readers and writers with:

Detailed and easy-to-follow handbooks for implementation, assessment and tracking progress, and lesson plans for phonics, reading, writing, spelling and grammar

100 lively, fully decodable storybooks and 35 non-fiction titles

Matched writing books to develop writing from simple sentences to extensive texts

Sounds cards, friezes, posters, magnetic sounds cards and word cards to support teaching

Plentiful online resources

Phonics Handbooks 1 & 2
Reading Leader Handbook
Speed Sounds cards
Picture Sounds cards
Simple Speed Sounds poster
Complex Speed Sounds poster
Desktop Speed Sounds chart
Phonics Green word cards
Phonics Red word cards
Magnetic Sounds card sets 1 & 2
Fred the Frog

Teacher resources

Phonics Handbooks

Handbook 1 contains everything you need to teach the Red to Orange lessons. Handbook 2 contains everything for the Yellow to Grey lessons. Each handbook includes day-by-day lesson plans that integrate Speed Sounds lessons and comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, handwriting and composition lessons.

Reading Leader Handbook

The handbook provides:

  • advice on how to build a strong team of reading teachers
  • constructive guidance for day-to-day coaching and monitoring
  • detailed assessment, grouping and tracking systems to ensure students complete the program quickly
  • one-to-one tutoring plans to ensure every student succeeds.

Read Write Inc. Phonics training

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We're running Read Write Inc. Phonics training in VIC and SA in Term 3.

Download our phonics whitepaper

phonics whitepaper

This paper is a guide for schools to consider the research and reflect on current practices.

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