Read Write Inc.

Raising standards in literacy for every child.

Read Write Inc. provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. Extensive, high-quality training and personalised Professional Development from Ruth Miskin Training delivers long term success for your school.

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See how New Farm State School (Qld) is using Read Write Inc to ensure all students learn to read quickly with fluency and intonation.

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"This program has had the greatest impact on learning that I have ever seen."  Assistant Principal, Mernda Primary School, Victoria

The Read Write Inc. suite

Reading and writing right from the start

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a rigorous program for F–2 that is proven to create fluent, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers and willing
writers. It incorporates effective classroom management strategies that
ensure participation and fast progress for all students, and comes with comprehensive lesson plans and assessment resources.

The new edition of Read Write Inc. Phonics draws upon experience gained in more than 5000 schools across Australia and the UK over the past 12 years.

New for 2022: Read Write Inc. Phonics Ebook Library.

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Series features:

  • Teaching Handbooks
  • Book Bag Books
  • Speed Sounds resources
  • Green and Red Word cards
  • Writing Books
  • Online subscription
  • Read Write Inc Phonics eBook Library

Rescue your struggling readers and writers

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start ensures consistent high-quality phonics-based literacy intervention. Starting with rigorous but easy-to-use assessment, every child is taught at the right level for them, with fun, age-appropriate activities and readers.

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Series features:

  • Accelerates students' progress with finely levelled modules and engages them with age-appropriate anthologies.
  • Supports EAL students with extensive vocabulary guidance and clear comprehension.
  • Student modules offer step-by-step activities to build skills and confidence.
  • 7 colour anthologies containing non-fiction, poetry and fiction texts linked to module texts.

Embed impressive spelling skills in just 15 minutes a day

Read Write Inc. Spelling uses a proven approach to get every child in your class spelling effortlessly.

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Series features:

  • A range of snappy, structured activities makes it easy for you to fit spelling into your timetable in just 15 minutes per day.
  • Makes spelling fun! Aliens from an exciting online spelling planet introduce spelling rules and concepts.
  • Provides plenty of writing practice with a clear record of progress.

A Year 2 Comprehension
program from Ruth Miskin

Read Write Inc. Comprehension, written by Ruth Miskin, is a 20-week program that provides a transition from Read Write Inc. Phonics to whatever your school’s literacy program is going to be once students can read successfully.

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Series features:

  • The program uses the key teaching strategies in Read Write Inc. Phonics to maintain momentum and student progress.
  • It develops children's reading fluency and comprehension.
  • 20 modules cover fiction and non-fiction texts which will improve students’ subject knowledge and provide opportunity to gain experience with both types of texts.
  • It improves children's writing by developing their vocabulary, grammar and spelling.
  • There are detailed lesson plans for each activity in each module.
  • Each Module starts with the teacher posing “the Big Question” which is a philosophical question.

Advocate Schools Program

Read Write Inc. Advocate Schools are leading the way

Learn how other Australian schools use Read Write Inc. to teach reading. Visit one of our Advocate schools – these schools have been using Read Write Inc.

Advocate Schools in Australia


  • Kilkenny Primary School – 19 Jane St, West Croydon - 08 83454138
  • Ardtornish Primary School – 2 Saarinen Ave, St Agnes - 08 82648099


  • Lynbrook Primary School – Patterson Drive, Lynbrook - 03 87875390
  • Kilvington Grammar School – 2 Leila Rd, Ormond - 03 95786231


  • Toowong State School - St Osyth St, Toowong - 07 38596111
  • Coomera Rivers State School - 81-87 Finnegan Way, Coomera - 07 5596 8333


  • Shalvey Public School - 14 Laver Street, Shalvey - 02 9628 0322

If you are interested in becoming an Read Write Inc. Advocate School, please contact your OUP consultant.