Wellbeing in Schools

Wellbeing in Schools course for teachers

Developed by clinical experts, teachers and wellbeing specialists, the Oxford Wellbeing in Schools course delves into the science behind wellbeing development, allowing teachers to better understand mental health in children, teenagers and adults and how different external pressures and environments impact learning and academic attainment, as well as classroom behaviour.

At a one-off cost of just $130, join in discussions with a community of educators from across Australia and gain practical experience in navigating wellbeing and mental health in your classroom.

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Wellbeing and educational outcomes

Oxford Wellbeing Impact Study

This impact study draws on research conducted in a wide range of countries and published over the last 10 years, to better understand any potential links between wellbeing and academic attainment as well as other educational outcomes. In particular, it focuses on the effects of whole-school approaches to promoting wellbeing on both academic and non-academic outcomes.

The impact study was conducted by Dr. Ariel Lindorff, Departmental Lecturer in Research Methods, Department of Education, University of Oxford.