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A guide to the new Victorian Curriculum Mathematics 7–10 Version 2.0

We’ve analysed the new curriculum inside and out so that you don't have to, giving you full confidence to focus on what matters most – your students! Download our guide to the key changes for the new curriculum.

The formula for building confidence in every student

Oxford Maths 7–10 Victorian Curriculum (Second edition) is publishing in 2024 and includes all-new content and features for Version 2.0 of the Victorian Curriculum.

Oxford Maths 7–10 Victorian Curriculum (Second edition) has been designed to bridge the multi-year skills gap effectively. To diagnose and fill in gaps in student understanding, and assign each student a pathway through the course with flexible, tailored resources.

This new edition features a brand new digital teaching and learning experience! Designed with teachers from around Australia, our next-generation digital platform ushers in a new era of interactive teaching and personalised learning.

Look inside the new Student Books

Full confidence and support for the Victorian Curriculum (Version 2.0)

✔  Mathematical modelling questions are embedded throughout the course, including in every module and semester review.

✔  Statistical investigations and probability simulations are available as standalone lessons with all required content included in the student books.

✔  Computational thinking class projects are included for every year level. Students learn to represent and follow algorithms using flow charts and are gradually introduced to pseudocode in line with the curriculum.

Computational thinking

Support learning with videos co-created with ClickView

✔  200+ brand-new videos created in Australia by Oxford’s team of local content experts and teachers, together with our partners at ClickView.

✔  700+ Worked example videos for students with step-by-step guidance to reveal the thought process and decision-making on how to solve each worked example.

✔  Seamlessly align to Version 2.0 of the Victorian Curriculum with videos covering all key content from Years 7 to 10 .

Support every student, of every ability, across every year level

✔  Diagnostic pre-tests at the start of every topic assess student understanding of prerequisite skills and show if they need extra revision of key concepts or are ready for the next lesson.

✔  A personalised Learning Pathway Report is created for each student to set them on a road through the course, providing a detailed list of questions, assessments, and resources tailored to their own ability level.

✔  Three different teacher reports track student progress and engagement against assessments, key knowledge areas of the curriculum and prerequisite skills.

Learning Pathway

Interactive skillsheets

Close the multi-year skills gap with flexible, tailored resources

✔  Over 500 Interactive skillsheets are available, each designed to target a specific skill and correct common misconceptions.

✔  Interactive skillsheets are assigned to students once they have completed a Diagnostic pre-test, helping them to revise and master the foundational skills and knowledge needed to succeed in that module.

✔  Inter-year links provide the flexibility and support to meet your students at their point of learning. Assign content and resources for any topic across Years 5–10, to students at any year level. Differentiation has never been this simple!

Save time with over 7500 auto-marked interactive questions

✔  Track student progress at every stage of the course with 300+ auto-marked, interactive activities and assessments – that’s over 7500 individual questions!

✔  Instant feedback is provided on all auto-marked interactive questions, including results and detailed marking advice for students to learn from their mistakes in real time.

✔  Quick quizzes, Checkpoint quizzes, Review quizzes and more, provide opportunities for both formative and summative assessment.

Checkpoint questions

Best-in-class content in partnership with industry leaders                                      

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Over 200 brand-new videos created in Australia by Oxford’s team of local content experts and teachers, together with our partners at ClickView. Find out more.

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Curated Australian Maths Trust spreads designed to challenge students of all ability levels and develop problem-solving skills for creative solutions.

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Desmos functionality and tools are integrated throughout, including the Graphing calculator, Scientific calculator, Four Function calculator, and Geometry tools - enabling students to focus on problems without interruption.

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Integrated Quizlet study sets help students learn and revise key terms through flip cards and a range of online games.

Drive fun and healthy competition in class with QuizletLive real-time online quizzes with leaderboards.

Meet our expert author team

Thomas Christiansen has been teaching maths for over a decade and has experience from Year 7 to VCE Year 12. He has presented at the Mathematics Association of Victoria on best practice in teaching mathematics.

Thomas enjoys helping students build their problem-solving skills and finding the fun in connecting maths to the real world and is the creator of the website mathsfactory.com.au. He’s always looking to improve his practice and delivery of content as he believes this is the first step in making maths accessible and achievable to all students.

Helen Sorenson is a retired maths teacher who taught maths at six public schools in Victoria over a 30-year career. While enjoying new pursuits such as poetry and literature in her retirement, Helen still enjoys developing confidence and competence in students she tutors in maths. She has even been spotted explaining maths concepts at a quilting exhibition! Helen is quoted as saying “Any day I get to do maths is a good day”.

Alex Blanksby has worked with students with a wide range of abilities since 2014. He has a focus on helping students believe they are capable of understanding mathematics. Alex believes that while mathematics can be and often is hard, those who enjoy mathematics often enjoy it because of the challenge.

Alex is the creator of the website VIC Maths Notes, where he has written notes for Victorian Curriculum and VCE Mathematics courses and collected other resources since 2016.

Morgan Levick is a senior mathematics teacher at Nossal High School. He studied at the University of Melbourne where he completed a Bachelor of Science, specialising in pure mathematics and discrete mathematics, and an Advanced Graduate Diploma in operations research.

Morgan has been working on the latest series of Oxford Maths 7–10 as an author and reviewer. Morgan enjoys writing novel and challenging questions, and has a keen interest in probability and mathematical programming.

Georgia Gouros is a Leading Teacher of Algorithmics (HESS) at the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES). She studied at Monash University where she completed a Bachelor of Science, specialising in computer science and applied mathematics, followed by a first career as a software engineer before becoming an educator and an author. Georgia has recently been authoring the Algorithmic Thinking spreads for the latest series of Oxford Maths 7–10.

Echo Gu is a mathematics teacher and curriculum leader of Mathematics at Lauriston Girls’ School. She completed Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Teaching, and Master of Data Science at the University of Melbourne. She has taught mathematics from Years 7 to 12, including both VCE and IB curriculum. Echo has recently been authoring contents and reviewing chapters for the latest series of Oxford Maths 7–10.

Jennifer Nolan has over 16 years of classroom teaching experience in both government and independent schools. Her interest and focus on student understanding has evolved into delivering professional learning for teachers and developing Secondary mathematics education resources for over 30 years.

Melanie Koetsveld is a senior mathematics teacher at Westbourne Grammar. She studied at the University of Melbourne where she completed a Bachelor of Science and then Diploma of Education. Melanie has recently been focused on teaching VCE Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods.

Sonja Stambulic is a senior mathematics teacher at Santa Maria College, Northcote. She completed a Bachelor of Science Education at Melbourne College of Advanced Education and has been teaching for 35 years. Alongside her teaching career, Sonja has been an author on the Maths Quest series, Oxford My Maths 7 and 8 and contributor for the Oxford Maths 7–10 series.

Robert Bell is Head of Digital Technologies and a teacher of VCE Physics at St Kevin's College, Toorak. He studied Science and Education at the University of Melbourne and has since pursued qualifications in Mathematics and Computer Science. Robert was a contributing author to the Oxford Maths Year 7 and 8 resources.

Dr Daniel Mansfield is an award-winning Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). In 2017, his research into ancient Babylonian trigonometry made headlines around the world.

Locally, Daniel is known for supporting secondary school mathematics teachers and their students. His passion for mathematics is further endorsed by his students at UNSW, who voted him the ‘Most Inspiring Lecturer in First Year’.

Joe Marsiglio has been a teacher of Mathematics since 1991, teaching across the State, Catholic and Independent sectors. Within this time, he has also been a Mathematics Publisher, author, contributor and reviewer across a number of titles. He is currently a Senior Mathematics teacher at Beaconhills College.

Lyn Elms graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in mathematics and chemistry. After a brief period working in an industrial laboratory, she switched careers to teaching.

She has taught senior mathematics, junior science, and senior chemistry in schools in Townsville and Toowoomba. She was a contributing author to the Oxford Maths 7–10 series.

Dina Antoniou was a senior mathematics teacher for 35 years. She taught mainly in girls’ schools in the State and Catholic systems. Dina had keen interest in encouraging girls to pursue studies in Mathematics.

During her teaching years, Dina was an author on Oxford’s Big Ideas Mathematics series. She also worked with numerous publishers reviewing textbooks and writing support material – something she continues to do since retiring from teaching.

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