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Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard | Stage 6

New South Wales’ most trusted Mathematics series has been updated for the 2018 Mathematics Standard Stage 6 syllabus. A three-volume series, Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard offers complete support for teachers and their students in 2018 and beyond.

Authors John Ley and Michael Fuller bring their years of classroom, curriculum and academic experience to the Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard series, while the award-winning UNSW lecturer Daniel Mansfield provides an engaging approach to the new Year 12 topic of Networks. Together they provide depth and coverage of the syllabus in an accessible format that encourages all students to succeed.

Key enhancements:

  • All content has been explicitly aligned to the new Mathematics Standard Stage 6 syllabus
  • Trusted and appropriately levelled content has been developed by expert mathematics teachers
  • Comprehensive exercise sets incorporate worked examples where students actually need them
  • A visual mathematics glossary boosts understanding of key concepts
  • More exam-style questions enhance opportunities for consolidation and review
  • obook assess provides comprehensive student and teacher digital support.

A range of chapter features provide a pathway to success for every student:

  • New: Diagnostic testing at the start of every chapter to assess student ability
  • New: Support sheets to strengthen and revise foundation skills
  • New: More depth and extension opportunities through student investigations
  • New: Carefully graded worked examples and exercises to support individual learning pathways.

Digital resources

Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard is supported by an unparalleled range of engaging and relevant digital resources via obook assess.

Resources for students:

  • a complete digital version of the Student book with note-taking and bookmarking functionality
  • targeted instructional videos by a team of Australia's most experienced mathematics teachers designed to help students prepare for exams and assessment tasks
  • interactives
  • a range of support sheets for every chapter, designed to consolidate and extend understanding of key syllabus points
  • investigations (including problem solving and application tasks)
  • a range of worksheets for additional practice in each chapter
  • spreadsheets for students to develop their ICT capacity and cover key syllabus applications
  • interactive auto-correcting multiple-choice quizzes.
Student obook screenshot

Resources for teachers:

  • detailed planning resources, including work programs
  • answers to every question in the Student book
  • printable and editable practice tests (with exam-style questions) with answers
  • practice exam with answers.
Teacher obook resources

With obook assess, teachers can:

  • set up classes
  • access editable tests and set assignments
  • monitor progress and graph results
  • create groups within classes and assign work or tailor instruction to meet the different needs and abilies of students
  • view all available content and resources in one place.

Contents & sample chapters

Year 11

Chapter 1: Earning and managing money
Chapter 2: Practicalities of measurement  View Sample Chapter
Chapter 3: Formulae and equations

Chapter 4: Classifying data and sampling
Chapter 5: Perimeter, area and volume
Chapter 6: Interest and depreciation?

Chapter 7: Representing data
Chapter 8: Relative frequency and probability
Chapter 9: Working with time

Chapter 10: Budgeting and household expenses
Chapter 11: Exploring and describing data
Chapter 12: Linear relationships
Chapter 13: Energy and mass

Year 12

Chapter 1: Investing money
Chapter 2: Rates
Chapter 3: Scale drawings

Chapter 4: Simultaneous linear equations
Chapter 5: Right-angles triangles
Chapter 6: Statistical surveys and analysis

Chapter 7: Borrowing money and depreciation
Chapter 8: Graphs of practical situations
Chapter 9: Networks and paths  View Sample Chapter

Chapter 1: Investments, depreciation and loans
Chapter 2: Non-right-angled trigonometry
Chapter 3: Rates and ratios

Chapter 4: Simultaneous linear equations
Chapter 5: Bivariate data analysis
Chapter 6: Network concepts  View Sample Chapter
Chapter 7: Annuities

Chapter 8: Non-linear relationships
Chapter 9: The normal distribution
Chapter 10: Critical path analysis

Meet Oxford's expert author team

John Ley is a passionate and innovative mathematics educator. He is currently completing his PhD in mathematics education, while lecturing and tutoring at Australian Catholic University and the University of Western Sydney. John has held an array of teaching positions including Head of Mathematics, Assistant Principal and Acting Principal. An experienced senior marker for the HSC, John was a member of the 2012–2014 assessment committees, setting the HSC calculus course examinations. John is the lead author of the Oxford Insight Mathematics series for NSW.

Michael Fuller was involved in Mathematics in NSW for many years, and was a key author of the Oxford Insight Mathematics series. He held the position of Head of Mathematics at Killara High School in Sydney for 24 years.

Dr Daniel Mansfield is an award-winning Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). In 2017, his research into ancient Babylonian trigonometry made headlines around the world. Locally, Daniel is known for supporting secondary school mathematics teachers and their students. His passion for mathematics is further endorsed by his students at UNSW, who voted him the ‘Most Inspiring Lecturer in First Year’.

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