At a glance

Year Levels

Years 7-10 (Stages 4 & 5)


  • Australian Curriculum for NSW

Resource available

  • Student book + obook assess
  • Student obook assess (code card)
  • Student obook assess MULTI (code card)
  • Workbook
  • Teacher obook assess


Oxford Insight Science
comprehensively covers each syllabus progression point to deliver all student outcomes for the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. The carefully structured learning design and engaging presentation of the Student book + obook assess and Teacher obook assess will help you:

  • optimise student understanding  
  • personalise teaching and learning  
  • deliver better results.  

Key Features

  • Learning sequence is structured around key inquiry questions and chapter content is organised according to syllabus outcomes
  • Question blocks constantly review students’ understanding of key concepts throughout the chapter
  • Checkpoints offer a range of question types to explore depth of understanding
  • Chapter reviews to check understanding, encourage students to reflect on what has been learnt and offer research projects
  • Step-by-step photography in the student book and video lab experiments in the obook
  • Literacy, Numeracy Builders and Science Skills – tasks designed to specifically scaffold pertinent skills for Science
  • Student Design Task – usually one per chapter; open-ended tasks requiring student to apply and demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding


Each Stage pack provides both year levels in one simple package. Offering print, digital and workbook options, the Insight Science stage packs give teachers the opportunity to teach any topic within Stage 4 or Stage 5 and provide great cost savings.

A range of print and digital year level and stages 4 & 5 value packs are also available.

obook assess

Oxford’s premium digital learning solution encompasses a suite of resources to support teachers and students, including interactives, tests, answers, videos, differentiated worksheets, teaching notes and more. For more information, visit our obook assess web page.


Using NSW Board of Studies documentation as a basis, we offer a Science course planner and Scope and Sequence charts for years 7-10 to help you with your planning requirements. Please see below to download.

We have also created full teaching programs for year 7 and 9 science teachers. If you would like a copy of either of these Teaching Programs please contact your local Oxford Education Consultant.