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ISBN: 9780195561067

Published: 11 Nov 08

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Policing in Context

An Introduction to Police Work in Australia

Roderic Broadhurst, Sara Davies

Policing in Context is a well structured introductory text that gives students the practical information they need to grasp the diverse roles, duties, powers and problems of policing in Australia. This book approaches policing in three key sections, creating a natural flow of information. The first section sets up the basic knowledge needed for understanding the history, context and structure of policing in Australia. The second section provides a description of the core skills, tasks and operations of police work. In the final section, chapters cover and reflect on contemporary and emerging issues.

  • Each chapter includes a short study guide, with study questions, relevant websites and a further reading guide to encourage students to take their learning beyond the text.
  • Case study inserts throughout the text, containing specific police cases, research or issues of interest. These highlight the key issues facing police and the community and facilitate discussion on the ways these issues can be addressed.
  • Maps the different statutory and common law origins and powers of the several Australian forces.

1 Introduction Roderic Broadhurst and Sara E. Davies

2 Histories of Policing Dean Wilson

3 Eras of Policing Jacqueline M. Drew and Lorraine Mazerolle

4 Organisation and Management of Police Geoff Dean and Colin Thorne

5 Police Power and Duties Nigel Stobbs

6 Oversight, Integrity and Ethics Sharon Hayes and Mark Lauchs

7 Process of Investigations Colin Thorne and Nicholoas Chantler

8 Intelligence Led Policing Nicholas Chantler and Colin Thorne

9 Policing Indigenous Peoples Samantha Jeffries and Colin Dillon

10 Policing Ethnically and Culturally DIverse Communities Adrian Cherney and Wing Hong Chui

11 Policing Transnational Crime Sara E. Davies

12 The International Deployment Group Alex J. Bellamy

Roderic Broadhurst, Professor, Head, School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Sara Davies, Dr, Lecturer, School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Read a sample chapter from Policing in Context:

Chapter 1: Introduction