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ISBN: 9780195551556

Published: 23 Sep 10

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Understanding Human Development

A Multidimensional Approach

Second Edition

Louise Harms

Understanding Human Development focuses on the impact that communication has on others. Its overview of wellknown and frequently-utilised skills of interpersonal communication and interviewing draws upon research and practice literature in relation to 'microskills' to understand the critical decisions or choices which are made by using these skills. The book takes a multidimensional approach to understanding the complexities of personal experience, and applies theoretical knowledge of human beings and the social environment, of adversity and oppression, and of coping and adaptation, to practice knowledge and self-awareness. It encourages students to think critically and to reflect on practice. Contributed case scenarios by experienced practitioners ensure that examples are grounded firmly in everyday practice realities, and reinforce the emphasis on working creatively, critically and consciously with other people.

  • Significantly updated and expanded, with five new chapters covering each lifespan stage.
  • ‘Applying multidimensional understanding’ boxes throughout the chapters emphasise this important approach and its application to the helping professional.
  • New ‘In context’ and ‘Practitioner profile’ boxes focus on practitioner and student reflections to show how theory helps inform their work.

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Part 1: A Conceptual Overview
1. A Multidimensional Approach

Part 2: The Critical Contexts of Human Development
2. Relational and Social Dimensions
3. Structural and Cultural Dimensions

Part 3: Adaptation following Specific Life Events and Experiences4. Coping with Stress
5. Coping with Trauma
6. Coping with Loss

Part 4: Development and Adaptation across the Lifespan
7. Infancy
8. Early Childhood
9. Middle Childhood
10. Adolescence
11. Early Adulthood
12. Middle Adulthood
13. Late Adulthood

Part 5: Drawing the Themes Together
14. Reviewing a Multidimensional Approach


Louise Harms , University of Melbourne, Australia