Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

Susan Rennie, Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl, Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

Susan Rennie, Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl, Oxford Dictionaries






16 Jun 2016




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A unique Roald Dahl Dictionary from Oxford.

This is not an ordinary dictionary.  After all, you wouldn't expect an 'Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary' to be ordinary, would you?

Lots of dictionaries tell you what an 'alligator' is, or how to spell 'balloon' but they won't explain the difference between a 'ringbeller' and a 'trogglehumper', or say why witches need 'gruntles' eggs' or suggest a word for the shape of a 'Knid'. This dictionary does all those things. All the words that Roald Dahl invented are here, like 'biffsquiggled' and 'whizzpopping' to remind you what means what, but that is not all. You'll also find out where words came from, rhyming words, synonyms and lots of alternatives for words that are overused.

Oxford Children's Dictionaries are perfect for supporting literacy and learning and this is the world's first Roald Dahl Dictionary from the word experts at Oxford University Press. With real citations from Roald Dahl's children's books and illustrations by Quentin Blake, this is authoritative, engaging and accessible and will inspire and encourage young writers and readers.


Contributor Susan Rennie , Scotland

Illustrator Quentin Blake

Contributor Roald Dahl

Oxford Dictionaries

Susan Rennie has worked on many dictionaries for both children and adults, including the Oxford Primary Dictionary, Oxford Primary Thesaurus, the Oxford English Thesaurus for Schools and the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. She also writes books in Scots for children, and has translated the first Scots edition of Tintin. Susan is currently a Lecturer in English Language at the University of Glasgow where she teaches lexicography and the history of Scots and English.


`It's hard to find the right word to express our levels of excitement around the 'Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary'. Squacking? Jumpsquiffling? Gigantuous? Roald Dahl's inventive, playful use of language is such a key element of his writing, whether he was using existing words in his own mischievous way or inventing extra-usual new ones. It is wonderful to have this dictionary compiled with such expertise, passion and wit by Dr Susan Rennie and the team at OUP. There could be no more fitting way to pay tribute to Roald Dahl in the year of celebrations for his centenary. Best of all, as a fully-functioning dictionary for readers and writers aged eight and above, I hope it serves as a swashboggling source of inspiration for a whole new generation of storytellers.' Luke Kelly, Managing Director of the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Roald Dahl's grandson

`Perfect way to introduce a new generation to Matilda and co' Radio Times

`Beautiful . . . PHIZZ-WIZZING indeed!' Cerys Matthews, musician and presenter

`Should be a key title in the Dahl centenary year' The Bookseller

`This is a real dictionary, full of words written by the worlds best story teller' QuentinBlake.com

`An excellently entertaining book for children from 8 to 100-plus. Buy it and enjoy it' Newbury Weekly News

`Perfect for reading aloud and anyone who enjoys the sound and feeling of words' Cotswold Life

`Picked as one of Julia Eccleshare's Childrens Book of the Year 2016' The Guardian