English Skills Builder 2 Australian Curriculum Edition Student obook assess

Student digital licence: 12 months

Fourth Edition

Mary Manning, Margaret McKenzie, Michael Horne

English Skills Builder 2 Australian Curriculum Edition Student obook assess

Student digital licence: 12 months

Fourth Edition

Mary Manning, Margaret McKenzie, Michael Horne




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1 Oct 2013




Skills Builder Series

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The obook is a cloud-based web-book available anywhere, anytime, on any device, navigated by topic or by ‘page view’.

As well as containing the student text, the obook offers additional Enriching Literature units focusing on texts relevant to the cross-curriculum priorities, as well as popular classic and contemporary texts.


Part A Language and Literacy

Parts of speech
    Unit 1 Nouns
    Unit 2 Using nouns
    Unit 3 Types of pronouns
    Unit 4 Pronouns
    Unit 5 Verbs and simple tenses
    Unit 6 Perfect tenses
    Unit 7 Continuous tenses
    Unit 8 Active and passive voice
    Unit 9 Subject-verb agreement
    Unit 10 Adjectives
    Unit 11 Using adjectives
    Unit 12 Adverbs
    Unit 13 Using adverbs
    Unit 14 Prepositions
    Unit 15 Conjunctions
Sentence structure
    Unit 16 Phrases
    Unit 17 Clauses
    Unit 18 Sentence structure
    Unit 19 Improving sentences
    Unit 20 Fragments and run-on sentences
    Unit 21 Parallel sentence structure
    Unit 22 Overview of punctuation
    Unit 23 Punctuation within a sentence
    Unit 24 Dots, dashes, brackets and hyphens
    Unit 25 Apostrophes: possession
    Unit 26 Apostrophes: contractions
    Unit 27 Quotations marks
    Unit 28 Using quotations
    Unit 29 Abbreviations, numbers and italics
    Unit 30 Punctuation practice
Using words
    Unit 31 Word stems, prefixes and suffixes
    Unit 32 Euphemisms, slang, clichés, jargon and idioms
    Unit 33 Using a thesaurus
    Unit 34 Synonyms and antonyms
    Unit 35 Confusing pairs of words
    Unit 36 Spelling strategies
    Unit 37 Difficult words to spell
    Unit 38 Purpose, audience and context
    Unit 39 Punctuation for different purposes
    Unit 40 Writing paragraphs
    Unit 41 Planning an essay
    Unit 42 Writing an essay
    Unit 43 Footnotes, endnotes and referencing
    Unit 44 Editing checklist

Part B Literature

    Unit 45 Reading short stories and novels
    Unit 46 Reading poetry
    Unit 47 Reading drama
    Unit 48 Reading Shakespeare
    Unit 49 Reading autobiography and biography
    Unit 50 Reading persuasive texts

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Enrich Literature Units
    Chenxi and the Foreigner
    The Hunger Games
    Bran Nue Dae
    Land’s Edge
    The Rabbits
    Linda Burney ‘2003 Maiden speech’
    The Happiest Refugee
    Our Choice


Mary Manning is the author and co-author of several textbooks on English, literature and poetry published by Oxford University Press.  She has coordinated the TAFE Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at the CAE, taught English and English Literature at Firbank Grammar School and acted as a VCE examiner for both subjects. Mary is also a published writer of poetry and short fiction.

The late Margaret McKenzie taught English, Drama and History. After obtaining the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at Holmesglen College of TAFE, she also taught editing, the construction of English and playwriting there and at the CAE for many years. She is the author of several books on grammar and style, in addition to poetry and a number of plays.

Michael Horne is an experienced teacher of English and Literature. He is currently Head of School: 10-12 at Ave Maria College, and has previously taught at Scotch College. Michael has written a number of textbooks for Oxford University Press, and has assessed the VCE English exam. He is an experienced VATE presenter, and has spoken at English association conferences in a number of states on approaches to the Australian Curriculum.

Deb McPherson is an experienced English teacher. For over fifteen years she helped select English texts for the NSW Higher School Certificate.  When she was a Senior Curriculum Officer at the NSW Board of Studies she worked on the development of the 2002 English Years 7-10 Syllabus and helped implement that syllabus when she was Manager of English for the NSW Department of Education and Training. She is the author of four anthologies of Australian non-fiction for Oxford University Press, co-author of Oxford HSC English and the Oxford online Enriching Literature series. She has lectured in English and literacy at the universities of Newcastle and Wollongong.

Jane Sherlock has been an experienced, enthusiastic and passionate teacher of English for over 35 years. She has been involved in the new English syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, first in the draft writing stages in 2010 with the NSW Board of Studies and now as a presenter throughout NSW. Jane is also an author of a number of English textbooks including the national award- winning Oxford HSC English. Jane is a part time tutor and marker for the universities of Wollongong and Charles Sturt. In 2009 Jane received the Australian College of Educators award for her contribution to education.