Victorian Curriculum

Oxford Value Bundles include print and digital resources, premium digital teacher resources and ongoing support to ensure you can seamlessly implement Oxford resources into your school today. The Victorian Curriculum Oxford Value Bundles include:

Oxford Maths offers a balanced approach including direct instruction, hands-on activities, small group and whole class tasks, skill practice, open-ended problem-solving and incorporates key elements of inquiry, including making connections with mathematics in the real world, opportunities for higher-order thinking and supports students to build foundational maths skills needed for complex critical thinking and problem-solving tasks.

  • Oxford Maths student book layouts are based on a developmental approach that incorporates initial scaffolding (Guided section), which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians (Independent & Extended sections) Topics follow a scope and sequence that supports the sequential acquisition of mathematical skills, concepts and knowledge.
  • The assessment books include short pre-and-post tests for each topic or group of like concepts and help teachers identify students’ points of need and measure growth. Results from the pre-tests support teachers to find the correct pathway for each student, whether they are struggling, at level, or extension students and the results from the post-tests allow teachers to track and review student learning.

The Oxford Maths Teacher Dashboard provides online access to a wealth of resources and support material for Foundation to Year 6.

Used in conjunction with the Oxford Maths Student Books and Assessment Books, it offers teachers access to clear teaching and learning pathways to meet the diverse needs of students in a single class and across the whole school. The dashboard offers:

  • curricula and planning documents
  • curricula assessment grading guides
  • lesson plans
  • potential difficulties videos
  • interactive topic introductions
  • differentiation options
  • support and extension activities
  • answers.

The Teacher Dashboard is accessed via Oxford Owl.

Oxford Handwriting First for Victoria is a complete handwriting program. Designed to develop the building blocks of handwriting, it features correct posture and grip models, and opportunities to model and practise accurate letter formation and joining techniques.

  • Student books F–2 include patterns to introduce letter groups and develop fluency skills, starting dots and direction arrows.
  • Student books 3–6 include size, slope and spacing instructions, handwriting tips for joining techniques and activities to develop a fluent, automatic handwriting style.
  • All books include automated formation of high-frequency Oxford Wordlist words, self-assessment pages and ‘track your progress’ spreads.

Teaching Support with Oxford Handwriting

Oxford Handwriting offers complimentary teaching support via Oxford Owl. The teaching support includes:

  • access to over 100 activity sheets for consolidation and practice
  • access to digital teaching activities to develop accurate and automatic formation of letters, numbers and high-frequency words from the Oxford Wordlist.

A suite of Oxford Handwriting online teaching resources can be found on Oxford Owl.

The Phonemic Speller support teachers using the phonemic approach to spelling and writing in the early years.

  • The ultimate spelling series to support teachers using the phonemic approach to spelling.
  • Hear the sound (phoneme) using the pull-out grapheme chart.
  • Unit lists include the Oxford Wordlist high-frequency words from the most current Australian research.
  • A range of activities to develop phonological, visual and morphemic knowledge.
  • Dictation passage show words in context.
  • 'Money Box' extension activities.

My Personal Dictionary Victoria is the ideal resource for writing across the curriculum and helps children understand the use of reference tools through the creation of their own simple versions.

  • Uses state-specific handwriting fonts for practising handwriting skills.
  • Includes phonics pages on short vowel rhyming words.
  • Provides special illustrated wordlists at the back for covering different themes in the curriculum.
  • Includes all 500 Oxford Wordlist high-frequency words.

SpellWrite is designed to assist students with their forms of spelling knowledge: phonological, morphological, visual and etymological.

  • Each unit features activities covering all for four form of spelling knowledge.
  • It covers a variety of text types and includes a focus on rhymes and poetry.
  • It is fully supported by a comprehensive Teacher Resource Book with additional blackline masters and complete answer guide.

Note: The SpellWrite Teacher Resource Book is not included in any of the Oxford Value bundles and but can be purchased seperately.

The Oxford Grammar series explores key grammar features aligned explicitly to the Australian Curriculum: English.

  • It focuses on one grammar feature per unit; stimulus pages and literacy texts model each grammar focus in context.
  • An Australian Curriculum: English correlation chart is included, along with the relevant content descriptor at the base of each unit.
  • Regular cumulative revision features multiple-choice questions.
  • Enrichment and extension units are provided.

Free access to the Teacher Dashboard is only available to schools that order a value bundle for every student in ONE year level or across the WHOLE SCHOOL.