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Maths and literacy
intervention for F–6​

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Get learning
back on track

We’re here to support you and your students to catch up on learning after a disruptive year.

Oxford’s teaching and learning resources can help teachers identify areas of need, create next steps pathways, and provide opportunities for extra practice, ensuring no student is left behind.​

Get learning back on track with our expertly designed maths and literacy programs.

Learning Funnel

Help identify areas of challenge

Develop next steps pathways​

Provide extra opportunities for practice​

No student is left behind

Find teaching support:

Oxford Maths Ready

Teacher Handbooks

Packed full of learning opportunities for students who are substantially behind their peers, this series is perfect for teachers and tutors across Years F–6. It will provide you with insight into the potential difficulties faced by these students and ideas to engage them in successful mathematics learning. It has a specific focus on helping students meet the relevant year level curriculum expectations, and can be used alongside any whole-school or classroom maths program.
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Oxford Maths Ready

Maths Plus

New South Wales Syllabus edition

Maths Plus is a leading mathematics program for F–6 that delivers results. Practice, with a view to mastery, underpins the spiral approach used in the Maths Plus program, allowing students to build on and re-visit mathematical content throughout the year. This helps students develop robust recall of information, consolidate their learning and increase their mathematical fluency.

The Maths Plus program offers explicit instruction, practice and consolidation activities, problem-solving tasks, and mentals and homework activities.

Maths Plus NSW

Student digital resources include:

  • Digital interactives to introduce and explore topics
  • Support, extension and reflection activities
  • Blackline Masters (BLMs)
  • Investigation activities

Teacher digital resources include:

  • Teacher notes
  • Term planners
  • Curriculum links
  • Digital interactives and videos
  • Answers
  • Assessments for every Student Book page.

Free access to Maths Plus NSW edition

New to Maths Plus?

To help more teachers and students through this challenging period, we are offering Victorian Primary schools that haven’t yet purchased Maths Plus free access to the Teacher and Student Dashboards for Term 3. These dashboards contain the Student eBooks from F–6 and a wealth of supporting resources.
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Already use Maths Plus at your school?

If your school has adopted Maths Plus as either a booklist or class set resource, teachers will already have access to the digital eBook and supporting digital resources on the dashboard.

To support you further, we have made the F–6 Student eBooks available for students. All you need to do is set up your classes to give students access to the eBook.

The Education Statutory Licence covers this extended use. Before you broaden access to resources for teaching and learning remotely, you must read and then follow the provisions of this licence. Click here to read the Education Statutory Licence.

Kangaroo Reads

Take-home readers for Years F–3

This series of finely-levelled readers allows students in F–3 to practise and consolidate their reading skills either in small groups or independently. Allow students to rebuild their reading confidence by choosing something at the right level for them, with fiction and non-fiction content that will engage and delight.
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Kangaroo Reads

Comprehension Express

Comprehension success in 10 weeks

This 10-week intervention program is specifically designed to help students in Years 3–6 master comprehension skills. With explicit teaching support, this series is perfect to run with small groups to help them catch up.
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Comprehension Express

eBook Library for Letters and Sounds

Contains 100 fully decodable eBooks to support reading at the right level

Enable students in Years F-2 to practice the precise sounds you're teaching with this collection of fully decodable eBooks. The library also includes brand new Little Blending Books complete with audio so that students can work on their sounds and blending with a little extra help.
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eBook Library

Project X Code

Years 2–4 intervention

This is a proven reading intervention program for children in Years 2–4 who are a year or more behind in their word reading. It combines systematic, synthetic phonics with vocabulary and comprehension development in a character adventure series that is perfect for engaging struggling readers.
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Project X Code

Let's get students writing more

Help us to transform language skills

We want every Australian student to start secondary school with a repertoire of written language skills to support success at school, and future opportunities. Together with Writing Legends, Storyathon, Brilliant Writing Lessons and Teacher Workshop Series, Oxford is lending a hand to get students writing more and help teachers transform language skills with the 10,000 word writing pledge.
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